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if they were found in other parts of the body, as in the cavities

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not considered as seriously- ill, had been removed to a room, by herself,

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lysis general paresis.' The term paresis, however, has been applied by

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in wdiicli death quickly ensues in apoplectic coma, shows a correspondence

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dates from my registry, and arranged them in tables in the fol-

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formed stump, the soft parts affording a large cushion which

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aneurismal, etc., are also sometimes found within the spinal canal. All

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globules, leucocytes, the debris of the elements of the nervous tissue,

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stimuli. While we can 'smell' an odor and not be able to iden-

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blood itself; there is no thrilling vibration in the parietes of

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method, the brain was &iely ground with 2.5 cc. of an aqueous

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direct communication with the vessels carrying red blood on the

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Fig. 1 View of left side of the head of Amphioxus, showing brain and nerves

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us off a while from Scylla to be afterwards dragged into Cha-

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whenever the patient was raised. Both cases ended fatally. Coma and

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does not state at what intervals the enema is to be repeated ; but

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cevsor. and in recommending it as the one obstetrical

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In an ordinary paroxysm of hysterical coma, the douche, as just de-

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S3'stem, constitutes the affection. It occurs without anaemia or an}' no-

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All the hygienic conditions which are so important in the treatment of

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En general, el m^Lximo de reacci6n hacia la luz aparece primero

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the bed, the mind occasionall}" wanders, he falls into a i)rostrate and half-

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The cephalic notch, imperfectly surrounded by the head cap, is .

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peral convulsions is quite as marked as in the preceding cases. It

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discrete. It is a vesicular eruption from the first. The vesicles contain,

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retrovaccinatiou. Whether cowpox is ever in a broader sense spontaneous, is an

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years, and the patient is in fair general health. The color of the .skin

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It may be urged that such a description would approach to

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brain compression. Though our results were not so conclusive

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divisions of the vascular sj^stem." It may be added that Bright's disease

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supposed to be extinct. If the breathing be not readily ascertained, and

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in the gi'cat majority of cases, the paralysis affects the two lower limbs

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vigor are to be corrected, such as dietetic imprudences, late hours, sexual

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the exception of the orbicularis j^^ljjebrarum. Such a case exemplifies,

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be due to hepatic congestion. In most cases, however, this event occurs

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of an extension of the local atfection to the internal ear. The submax-

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and severe counter-irritation are certainly not indicated in the great

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what sort of nitrogen was actually responsible for the variations

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Dr. Lombard's Seco?id Letter oti Typhous Fever. 105

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skin or any pharyngeal redness is apparent. The disease, in such cases,

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plications, the hydrochloric acid is generally preferred. Alumen, capsi-

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together in the central portion of the gangUon, while the larger