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2. Compound monsters. In these tlie constituent parts of two or

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or santonin, is a ci'ystalline neutral principle prepared from santonica.

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R. O. Muether, St. Louis, Chairman; James Baker, Co-

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and vegetable fats, and from the bile of many animals. Stearates are

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system of a specific poison, originating in the horse, ass, or mule, and i

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also employed to express monatomic, diatomic, triatomic, and tetratomic

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BAU'HIN, VA'LVULE OF. Iteo-colic valve. A valve within

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an epithet, in this case, isaGrecism, as also in Aorse-mint, Aorsc-chcstnut,

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On the night of April 12 the patient went into labor

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evidence of some generalized weakness. The knee and

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becomes charred or scorched wherever it is touched.

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when affected by chronic desquamative nephritis, as being frequently

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vation, the feeding of a concentrated meat broth may

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SCALA'RIPORM TISSUE {scala, a ladder./onna, likeness). A

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9. Stout, G. W. : Reactivity of Tests Using Cardiolipin, Am.

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jection. In rare cases, there has been a fall in blood

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SPIRO'METER (spirare, to breathe, fitTpov, a measure). An un-

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digested, perfectly palatable, and always permanent and uniform in

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of stimulating the hepatic functions, is supplemented by the action of Ipecac

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DENDRODE'NTINE (fivbpov, a tree, and dentine). A modifica-

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three hours until three doses are taken. Usually by the time

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of wounds, &c., by fibula, or clasps. An operation, formerly practised,

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l| INSTINCT (instinclus, from insihtguere, to instigate). This con-

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inflamed border ; fluid becoming purulent ; permanent scar.

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the study of effects of bad habits of living. It should

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influence have been severally adduced to explain the phenomena of

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This appears to have had a very ancient origin, for the same plant was

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SCIRRIIO'M A (cTKippcupa, from a-Ktppos, hard). A species of earci-

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the word ffornpkosis was applied to a species of synarthrosis, an almost

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Senna, representing the laxative and purgative principles without its griping properties,

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priate ileocolic anastomosis. Occasionally, perfora-

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prevents ink from sinking into paper, from which the exterior coating

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in determining the viability of this child. The opinion

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