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strated the fact that instances occur in which after
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a reliable physical examination, as we are able to do in the
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M. ft. for a dose. Sig. One twice a day after meal.
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Rosengart that enteroptosis is a pathologic reversion in
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absorption. Even very resistant tissues, in which the
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tion the oppressive operation of the amendment of 1886, to
spelman college academic calendar
fever, as it prevailed in the city of New- York in the summer
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tion of the lungs, and the cause of this was the severe
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who have been in prison, and they had come to regard cer-
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anthrax meat?" This was a puzzler to most of the ap-
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greater value. The accumulation of excretory products in the blood
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have only one finger between the reins. The thumb should point
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For the reasons already given, I must, in closing, Mr.
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astringent treatment of a trachoma, it may be necessary
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veins, and oedema of the whole retina, but no hemorrhages. Here was
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modify their prescribing practices to a moderate extent in
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ordinary fact that, if the laryngeal disease is relieved, j
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the true inflammation which is always present,_ in a
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xxxv. p. 190; "Temperature after Delivery in Relation to the Duration and other
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may result in tachycardia or bradycardia, we frequenrly have to
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in the horizontal, so that, suppressing one of the co-efficients, the inconven-
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drug. Enteric-coated sulfasalazine decreases gastrointes-