“Simply Alice”


Alice and her friends are in 9th grade, her brother is 21 and in college, and her father is getting married in the summer.


p.55:  Alice is working on the set of the school musical production with 2 other girls and 4 boys.  One day when the other 2 girls were working in another room, Alice was pulled behind the curtains, laid over one of the boy’s knees.  One of the boys says, “Hey, Alice, its initiation time!  You gotta get your tattoo.”  She says she “felt two hands tugging at my jeans” and “thought I was about to be raped”.   She describes that “fingers were fumbling around in front, trying to unzip my fly because my jeans hardly budged, and when I started to kick and scream, I heard Devon’s laugh, and a turpentine-smelling hand went over my mouth.”  “Hey, hey, hey!  Be good, now,” Devon said.  Alice describes, “I was struggling and trying to bite the fingers that were over my mouth, but somebody else appeared – Richard, I think- and they held me so tight, I couldn’t move.”  Another boy says, “Hey, guys, cut it out.  She doesn’t want it.”  Alice says, “I was practically upside down, like a kid over her dad’s knee, and my jeans and underpants were halfway down my bottom when somebody pressed something cold and hard against my right buttock, and then they let me go.  I tumbled to the floor, furious, and looked up at Ed and Devon and Richard, laughing at me and holding a rubber stamp belonging to the drama department, of the two Greek masks, comedy and tragedy, which they obviously had stamped on my butt.  Are you out of your mind?” Alice yelled.


p.61: When Alice describes what happened to the school newspaper editors, they began to discuss different hazing incidents at the school.  One boy says “I know a guy in Arizona…It was some guys on the wrestling team who did it to him.  The broom-handle initiation.”


p. 62: More hazing incidents. “Freshman initiation – a group of guys circling a couple of freshmen girls in the parking lot, making them get down on their knees and unzip the boys’ flies with their teeth; a boy who had to walk around all day with his fly open; a girl who had to crawl through a lineup of guys who paddled her; a boy who had to wear girls’ underwear for a day; the girl who had to goose five guys.”


p. 78:  Alice and her 2 friends are discussing what to do over Spring Break.  One girl says, “maybe we could get a job as go-go girls for the week, dance on customers’ tables.  Or we could get hired as lap dancers.”… “You dance in customer’s laps…. You sit facing him on his lap with your legs on either side of him…. And wiggle around a lot.”


p. 94: Alice and Lester question their father about spending the previous night with his fiance, how late he was out, and what they were doing together. 


p.159: Alice questions her brother about his new relationship.  She says, “Lester, you are using birth control, aren’t you?  Lester replies, “I’m more than seven years older than you, and I don’t ask if you use birth control, do I?”  Alice replies, “I don’t.”  Lester says, “What?  Meaning…?”  Then the father enters and inquires about the conversation.  Alice tells him “if Les and Lauren aren’t using any kind of birth control, Dad, I think we ought to decide right now if we can accept the responsibility of a little baby in our house while Lester finishes school so he won’t abandon his wife and child.”  Lester says, “I thought we were talking about you, Al.”  The father says to Alice, “If you’re thinking of having sex at the age of fourteen, Al, forget it.  But if you decide to have sex, anyway, I hope you will go to Dr. Beverly and discuss it confidentially.”


p. 166:  Lester is taking Alice out for her birthday.  Alice decides to wear a very revealing dress.  She also decides not to dress until her father has left for the night so he will not see how revealing the dress is.  When her brother sees her in the dress he says, “Nice dress…Except for your …uh…mammary glands.”


p. 209:  Alice and her friends are discussing Lester and the breakup with his girlfriend.   One girl says that since Lester had a key to his girlfriend’s apartment, “it means they were having sex.  When you give a man a key to your apartment, it’s his invitation.  You know, the guy is the key, and the woman’s the keyhole…”