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and freedom from acidosis in many instances where this was
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107 masturbators 1 1 This fact may seem Btartling; but it is nevertheless true that
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is a slight tache, no Sergent's line. Veins over the left side of
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lid- p. osi mi, there is no difficulty in understanding, and it is quite within the bounds
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olood and respiration are more active, and evidently a great quantity
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30 per cent. ; total acidity 50 per cent. The Wassermann reaction
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recovering from the chloroform. If now the emetic be administered,
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the venous congestion observed in the cortical portion of the
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uterine wall^ : and the hsBmorrhagea which caused death are thus easily accounted
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ruptedly. The reason for this is, that the blood from which the menstrual dis-
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granular areola. The latter is round, oval, contracted in the middle,
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ciently to rise into the focus of attention only by a longer or
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with it, it must be borne in mind that several tissues of very
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by interference of the other party, use of snuff or tobacco, marrying to please
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more closely resembles his father, or that he has been stunted
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consequent upon bruising and dislocation of the shoulder-joint some
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\tion upon the foetus, it is related in a work entitled " Outlines of the Veteri-
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her postpartum recovery slow and uncertain. A woman who
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lately expelled from one of my patients, who had been given up by her former phy-
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series of cases occupying an intermediate position are given by
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makes him an outcast from society forever ; sets his mind in enmity against his fel-
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open sore, in all respects similar to the one of which the child's grandfather died. It
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effects of any obstruction to the flow of blood beyond them. It
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we should resort to a number of methods to clarify our tenets.
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chancre, and subjecting the tissue to careful microscopic examination,
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have seldom or never failed to expel them from the system of the sufferer.
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fundamental substance of bone is from the osseous cells and
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shut out from the light and beauty of the world, there is no comfort, no joy. But let
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possibly be understanding^ treated by any man without the
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nave a natural inhaling tube, much better for your purpose than any artificial one
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sort, mentioned by Dr. Rutherford, well deserves consideration in
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affections of the optic disc and retina, which occur in
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tissue is lost; sometimes this is so great as to become alarming.
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the 17th of that month; most of the subsequent cases were limited
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the heart. Blood, mostly clotted, in sparing quantity in the left
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Now I think I shall be able to prove that the mode by which
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of this work to point out tho various causes leading to death, I have spoken boldly