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pure cortical lesions there was not the slightest affection of sensibility in

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That the combination of proper nursing, suitable atmospheric

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instances that have fallen under my own notice, in which mucus

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most instances, of a still existing inflammation, either active or

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narcosis. The autopsy, made by Dr. C. Westphal, demonstrated conclusively that in this

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circumstances every way important to the history of the symp-

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of mental torpor with apparent paresis of the right side.

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tice cases. The AMA-YPS has, on a national level, been

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Shaw, Dr. Benjamin Shurtleff, 57, 62, 63, 70, 73, 74, 81,

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necessary that surgeons should apply, in their own de-

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Zenner's case there were also subjective olfactory sensations, and smell in the

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in the pamphlet under review, that a diseased (non-cystic) ovaiy was re-

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risy with slight effusion occur in young children, where

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M. For one cachet. Four or five such cachets to be taken daily.

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1900) found the chemical frequencies from an arc lamp of

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rhoea in typhoid fever may require to be restrained, and, for this end,

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member of the House of Delegates and was active in many

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from entering the ranks of the regularly trained physicians.

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excessive ; the urine is high-colored and albuminous ; the