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I generally insert the upper suture first, then the one close to the

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when abscesses Had formed on both sides of the neck, and especially in one

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The test could not be tried with the serum of Eabbit 4, because Strep-

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or be cruelly ill-treated or neglected, notice to that effect is to be givea

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like bodies described above, being coarser and in longer strands.

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both eyes, especially when moving them. This disapp^red after a week, but

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took the contract. The worst feature of the case is

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and perineurium. Mention has been made of excruciating pains of

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interfere with the formation of thrombin, since the prolongation of

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will usually find very short, with pockets on either side.

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tion. 4. The severity of local infection depends on the viru-

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license any applicant, however deficient his qualifications

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When the ureter is- obstructed experimentally in animals, as by ligature,

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236 Western : Treatment of Puerperal Septicaemia by Vaccines

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ness discoverable along the course of the colon. The facial aspect

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normalities of Lyme disease. Ann Intern Med 1980;93:8-16.

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Sometimes spasm of the laryngeal muscles will accompany

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guarded largely by muscular action. The valves are sup-

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ment represented a complete departure from the original forceps.^

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it is understood, is in preparation. The deputation having been

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is particularly useful in all Scorbutic Affections, Diseases of the Skin, &c.

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his malarial patients, with what he felt was an unusual

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the spine, was comparatively rare and usually affected the lower dorsal and upper

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of exudative inflammation to the larynx. | Treafmewr.— We have no specific remedy

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and a half from the longitudinal fissure. The surrounding

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