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been called sufusio nigra, or kalaracla nigra, from the natural black-
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sisting in enlargement of the minute glands, or some other alteration
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scientific papers on subjects much in the forefront
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which at a later period is converted into a stic, the great omentum.
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disease. In the few cases that I have seen in which pre-
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hope that it would separate and come out. I have done
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between the twelfth rib and the articulation of the last vertebra with
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the remedies used are to overcome bowel obstruction,
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,^jQj^Receives persons recommended to it by their home physicians for TREATMENT, CHANGE, REST, OR RECREA-
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Dallas-Hickory-Polk 8 Walter W. Tillman, Jr. .Bolivar C. H. Barnett Bolivar
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and animal matter — a term sometimes applied to vegetable albumen
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consists of five long bones, forming the back of the hand externally,
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ferred to the inductive action of the affinities of zinc or the positive
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as to throw the head back). The former term denotes a bending
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A term synonymous with amblotica, and applied to drugs employed for
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in combination with soda, constitutes the nrincipal part of bile. '
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[CO'MA] (K-fljua, drowsiness, from Kto), to lie). Drowsiness ; lethar-
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12. This agreement, if mutually satisfactory, may be
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Watts, Robert B., M.D., Wellington, a graduate of the
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ber of the Shrine, member of the I. O. O. F. for almost
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HIPPOCRATES’S SLEEVE. A kind of bag, made by uniting the
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with the standard Kahn test in a study of 1,800 sera.
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