Outrageously Alice


Alice is in 8th grade--13 years old.


Page 4:  Alice envisions a bride on her wedding night coming out of the bathroom to reveal herself to her new husband.  “…I imagined her in a sheer white nightgown with lace over her breasts so you could see her nipples.”


One of the major themes is Crystal’s (Alice’s brother’s ex-girlfriend) lingerie shower.  Crystal is getting married and Alice (aged 13) is planning to go to her lingerie shower.  At the bridal shower, a game is played where everyone in attendance has to answer some questions.  “Have you ever had a sensual experience while swimming?”, “Have you ever removed any lingerie during a meal?”, “Have you ever made love in a room other than the bedroom?”, and “Have you ever used whipped cream for anything besides dessert?” just to give some examples.


Naylor develops the “sex” angle:  Alice is constantly thinking about sex.  Alice imagines her father’s honeymoon with Miss Summers… wonders if they have already done “IT”??


Recurring theme--chastity belts: On p. 3, Alice quizzes her brother, “What is a chastity belt?”  Dad tells about medieval times, “Only the husbands had the key.  It was to insure that their wives would be faithful while they were away.” Alice can’t believe what she’s hearing--“You mean it fit around their. . . ?”


pp. 89-91:  Dad lectures on the different positions of intercourse:  Dad explains that “missionaries went to foreign countries to convert the natives, they talked them into wearing clothes and giving up what they felt were unusual sexual practices.  They taught them that the only acceptable way to have intercourse was with the woman on the bottom and the man on top.  So ever since then, that’s been referred to as ‘the missionary position.’ Got it?”  Alice and her brother interrogate Dad:  “What are the others (positions)”, Alice asks?  Older brother (Lester) jokes:  “Woman on roof, man on ladder; woman in boat, man on water skis; man on table, woman on chandelier…” And on p. 90, Dad says, “…whatever position and man and a woman find themselves in, they can usually figure out a way to make love, and whatever is comfortable and gives them pleasure is the right way…”.