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How was the property let ? By public advertisement, inviting persons to offer fines, not

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As to its general management ? I believe it is as well conducted as any school in the

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Do you know any thing of the management of the Blue Coat school? I believe it is

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with the development of a myelitis from compression or the oc-

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before and behind the central canal, sometimes taking the direct

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Similar symptoms of quick exhaustion and want of endur-

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slu Ives in the kitcln n, for the shelves iu tlie buUirie, for making the window, Sic. in the

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6. Destruction of the entire extent of the posterior columns

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a passive movement is being performed, especially if it is done

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tom which is likewise almost constant in all cases in which

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U the estate in ! at rack rent, or on a finer There was no fine; it was let by

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was set on foot to complete the work. They bought the dis-

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the facial, the superior accessorial, and the hypoglossal, but the

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tremities. More rarely higher grades of ansesthesia are demon-

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bles, puddings, and fruits are allowed and required ; an abun-

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by the corresponding disturbances of binocular vision, diplopia,

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urinate, is probably brought about by* relaxing the sphincter,

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leased to Mr. Fludger, for a term of 40 years ; and the reversion was afterwards sold to

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Constipation 14 days, more recently vomiting and much griping pain, followed by

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cases, and the speedy development of the symptoms up to a cer-

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men .and lln i^ thereby ajip.ii il toward-. ().i\ ment of the

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large number of muscles receive a common co-ordinated innervation, some of which

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tractions. The motor nerves of the uterus lie in the spinal cord,

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tention or exaggeration of all spinal reflex acts ; retention of

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hulbus, i, e., the tongue, the lips, the soft palate, pharynx, and

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witli contractures, followed by epileptoid convulsions confined to the left side. No

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during all the time 1 am teacher ox scholernas ster of the foresaid -scliole, I- wrll tencti

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out quite slowly. If the opening is large and the fluid is, by

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It does not, however, come on with the quickness of apoplectic