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A Medical Field Service Handbook, by Lieutenant-Colonel C. Max

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If the womb is anteverted, and turned upon itself, it is an

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the characters of the tumour so often seen in the lumbar region,

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Its benefits are making the acquaintance of men you ought to know,

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medicines, it possesses only a passing power. Still, even this is no slight

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shown by many references both in past and current literature.

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cles, the more easily the digestive fluids of the stomach and intestines

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3rd. — A bad night ; frequent chills and pyrexia ; pulse

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plaints with contempt must be guarded against ; while his natural

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are thus deprived of some of the nutritive elements that have

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knowledge the surgeon is completely ignorant, must be requisitioned

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which this can be readily accomplished. Personally, I have done a

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the specific gravity and the number of fluid ounces, after the table

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too little, leaving serious gaps in health care delivery? j

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follow. By injuries and diseases of the spinal cord, which remove

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its action, and while there have no doubt been diff"erences of

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leaves room for many central lesions to be classed as neuralgia,

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dose if one is to be given. In the interest of uniformity, and

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1903 f.— Idem. [Abstractof 1903 e, by F. Mesnil] <Bull. de l'lnst. Pasteur, Par.,

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also soreness in the throat ; swallowed liquids without

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Wednesday. — Hominy, steamed, and served hot with molasses.

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to a liquid which immediately becomes turbid and decomposes with-

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in the treatment of fibroid tumour to find, that just as the strength

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tion.) It is possible that my experience may have been exceptional, and

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and surrounded by a fringe of extremely delicate hair, which pre-

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This is an occasion which is naturally of the widest interest to

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ing to clear conclusions as to the favourable or adverse

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occasion disturbance, but he claims that the danger from this

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which was taken ill the day previously ; but, it being late when

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