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DERRY, nor, judging from the almost daily endorsements that we see in the
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heart ; the}^ enter the aorta and become fixed at difterent points, namel}^,
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Toward the close of life the act of expectoration becomes diflicult on ac-
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which it is exercised? how can we modify it ? The blood is the
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discovered, it is probable that this was a solitary calculus in the gall-
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the cavities giving but little inconvenience for an indefinite period, and
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and amphoric respiration and voice, were finely marked. The upper por-
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becoming gradually more abundant and opaque. (6.) Stitch-pains at the
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the prognosis in these cases is generally favorable. If the affection be
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publishers. Illustrated descriptive catalogue and sample pages free. Agents wanted. Address
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trials. Tonic remedies and alcoholic stimulants are indicated b}' defective
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actions apparently identical with its native proto-
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the Pancreas upon starch is MALTOSE. In the digestive tract MALTOSE is absorbed
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" 12th. Urine contains no blood ; color natural ; has slept well ;
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Crystals of True Salicylic Acid are large, firm and hard— from % to % inch long, of measurable thickness, and
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" Orders from all parts of the Dominion of Canada supplied by The Canadian Pep-
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the ingestion of acrid or corrosive substances. It is important to dis*
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of its symptoms. In many, it was very slight, and gave way readily
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known as crib-biting or wind-sucking. Some writers refer to this habit
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or both, in each situation, are not infrequently associated in the same
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From this time, with occasional slight fluctuations, he continued
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solution zinci sulph. gr. iv; aqua Sj ; applied to the eye every morn-
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brain or spinal cord are sometimes softened to liquefaction, but then, of
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acute and persisting inllammation of the large intestine, or of ulcerative
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quency and severity of the paroxysms, the duration of the affection, the
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matters vomited show notable acidit}^ of the stomach. The foregoing
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danger from accumulation below the larynx is, of course, incidental to the
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On the 24th, the 3d day of Dr. G.'s attendance, at 7 A. M. the
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latter class of fluids, viz., those derived from the blood, are liable to nu-
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body are in no respect abnormal, if all the functions of the organism are
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Hemorrhage is to be arrested by small pieces of ice swallowed, and by
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manently, or it may gradually close and recovery take place. Some years
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occurs not infrequently. It is not easy to say with positiveness how fre-
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chloroform, might account for the sudden termination of life.
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isms contained in the latter ; they showed that the number of bacteria and
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carbonate of soda, chloride of potassium, i)hosphate of soda, and sul-
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English themseltes as too many, are yet few in comparison with
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cases showing that relief may be obtained b}^ going to certain portions
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time. A grain or two of quinia twice or thrice dail}^, continued steadily
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Smith, Kline & French Co., Distributing Agents for Philadelphia.
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cases, the mental faculties remain intact to the close of life.
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Philadelphia. These different views respecting its causation rest solely on
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not been true in my experience. Of ten fatal cases, in seven the heart
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