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Mr. F. C. Annesley, Guernsey; Mr. J. N. Smart, Bedmln^-ter; Mr. J. Lister,

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therefore substituted a double-action glass syringe, which, by the ordinary

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took for his subject the present system of medical education. Whilst

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glands, will certainly prove successful in a short time. A shot-bag,

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pulse." Now, if there is anything in my paper implying my belief

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The meeting of the Italian Medical Association, which was to have

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patients. She seemed in excellent health, and much pleased with all

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last census was 13,584; at the previous one, 13,751 ; population is

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Reform so long advocated by the Association ; viz., one uniform quali-

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the red cross covers the place where loving Christian hearts and noble

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loma, Licence, or Degree, together with proof of being twenty-one

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districts, or were large portions still uninfected ?

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Again, we know that the internal division of the spinal accessory

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swollen, tumid, deeply injected, and covered with minute aphthous

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Prussian members of the order of St. John, and their conduct, are be-

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Senate. No discussion took place. The report was adopted.

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Assistant-Surgeon Dr. Straub, ist Brandenburg Dragoons — slightly

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extensive nature it would expand into an institution creditable to, and

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them; and the Habitual Drunkards Bill of Mr. Dalrymple, withdrawn

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Gentlemen intending to be present at the dinner, or to read papers

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associated with him at the time he contracted the complaint, suffered

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years, his urination became more difficult ; and at the time to which

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*' I. That this Committee, recognising the importance of Dr. Farr's

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public and the Government towards the profession should be always urged and