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production of crime and insanity ; but it is very difficult in the considera-
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case, serves to bring all supports out of contact with the knife
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Recurrences may take place. Or, again, improvement may come slowly,
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secretion. The patch is rarely elevated unless the derma be involved.
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and possibly atrophy of the sweat-glands ensues. Cessation or diminution
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dessus de trois ans," Revue de V Hypnotisms, vol. i. p. 71. — 13. Idem. "Monomanie
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such an error. Acute eczema of the hands is much more difficult to
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brownish spots from 2 to 6 cm. in diameter — the skin being thinned
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call the growth a round-celled sarcoma, others lymphadenoma or lympho-
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1. Alopecia universalis. — This may be regarded as a malignant form
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impetigo and other secondary lesions due to pediculosis, the microscope
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and he defends such belief with an appearance of close reasoning. Mean-
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large flexures unoccupied by prurigo papules. The enlarged lymphatic
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colour, but are subject to many modifications in this respect, as will bo
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all good Tories shake in their shoes. In striking contrast
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robin ointments ; M. Morris advises pyrogallol ointment : and when the
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ine tenc^rness of the nerves is usually accompanied by some aching of
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and Dr. L. D. Bulkley has collected a hundred and twenty-five such
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layer on a circumscribed area ; and also in lupus, syphilis, pityriasis rosea,
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is keen on the subjects of his delusion, or on matters personal to himself,
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Dr. Weir Mitchell has described local hyperidrosis as a sequel of
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ties. The fibers are poured upon a Buchner funnel and washed
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it at 3 28 per cent; and Bulkley, from his own large statistics, at 369
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these and the erythematous patches may disappear when the excitement
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character — namely, a rapid rise, an exceedingly brief fastigium, and a
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those acts which, whether vices or wrongs, or neither, tend directly to
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to do no good. The drugs which I have found of service are opium,
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Smith. Nevertheless, it may be well to add that Dr. Eisien Eussell
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paralysed, and spasm of it necessarily ceases ; although other muscles
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exaggerated, and a single tap on the tendon makes the patient start
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between the time when the head turns to the object and the act of
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is postponement or forgoing of immediate gratification; the main
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to, and as does in practice, complete the exemption.
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tion with himself and the world was not the less keen because
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means which, if properly husbanded, would have kept him from penury
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may be covered. If, instead of being smooth, they are eroded, as is often
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follow an accumulation of the drug in the system. Acute mania may follow