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and around the patella. This type of enlargement, which is very
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of the liquids, and the characteristic odor of iodoform is readily detected.
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its removal should be contemplated. Soft cancers of the melanotic
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an excellent tooth powder, and may be used once a day in the
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suffered from the acute form of the disease. Exposure to cold, over-
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impressions, as fear, fatigue and excesses, seem to favor the out-
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come the patient's belief that, because he is incuraljle, he is therefore
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that induce nephritis, and in all cases of obscure origin careful inquiry
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sides of the nose, and the floor of the orbits. They contain a cen-
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is a frequent sequel of acute catarrhal enteritis. The views as to the
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serpents are introduced by means of a wound or bite.
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and the limbs seem unable to support the weight of the body. The
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the conspicuous increase of residual nitrogen ; that is to say, of nitrogen other
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ing delayed or interfered with (megalogastria) , but sometimes there
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wait two or three seconds, and perform the same movement again,
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work has been done by Forssner,^ who found that a streptococcus that showed
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tem and directed to any one of a number of other organs. The vio-
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I would class in the first rank Neris and Aix-les-Bains. In the latter
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are anti-rheumatic. They cure rheumatic fever; but they do not
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establishment of jiermanent disability through infiltration of the joints
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skin, characterized by itching, redness and the formation of vesicles.
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congestive catarrh involves additional bronchi in which the exudation
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quently practised his profession in the city, devoting
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new material can be carried to build up the tissues, and it dissolves
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Miller, Edward, >LD., professor of the practice of physic and
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suitable nidus for the parasite of ringworm. It is some other ingre-
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centres and enfeeble the cardiac action in a certain number of cases
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sion. It has had its trials and vicissitudes, its failures
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involved in the conditions which we designate health. Health may
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to another cause, namel}^ the lessened excretion of water by the kid-
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carry disease germs, that we cannot be indifferent to the squalor and
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In that form of intense pain whicli results from cramp, much re-
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are so intimately associated with gout, either as antecedents, con-
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by the liver, and converted in that organ into glycogen, in which
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milder cases the only neuritic symptoms; they are parsesthesia,
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asylum, away from friends and under the influence and control of
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thickening of the fibrous textures of the affected joints, causing the
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