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author and Dr Knox. In concluding his remarks on this case

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diminution of ptrength bilious vomiting and death three hours

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istic herpes lesions in the urethra as described by Fournier.

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pigeons from the observation of which he was enabled to write

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In adhesions of the lower eyelid a narrow strip of linen moist

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then scarified until slight bleeding occurs whereupon couccntrated mallein is

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perineum had permitted prompt birth without pressure so that it

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J. The cooperation of revenue officers meat inspectors and

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action. Let us claim some protection like every other civilized

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delivery appeared feasible. My own experience of puerperal convul

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The average duration of the disease is from to days. Dumb

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ered with two thicknesses of flannel and an outer cover

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of the mesentery as their removal may affect the viability of an

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stertorous roaring tremors pervade the whole body at inter

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Although cells have developed a sensitive and elegant means of controlling

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after that event. The membranes and cerebral substance

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sion of Surgery of the Head had fathered such an up

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There are other agents which from the unknown mode of their ac

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motor center. It is not regarded as a disease of itself

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mary and chief lesion however being in the appendix.

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After effects. Much has been written on the subject of post

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to contain two masses of chromatin. In the young compacl body

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dots corresponding with the vascular papillae of the normal mucous mem

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the activity of the epithelial cells of the uriniferous tu

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then he had for the most part been in bed suffering from occipital

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nervous disturbances which if I may use the expression are obU

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the body and that therefore internal parts of the organism

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higher ground of the medical welfare of the patients

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but seldom permanently remove the cause of acid dyspepsia

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this acid is swept to the kidneys by the increased diuresis produced by

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apex of the lung. The patient was a woman of fifty

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the Transactions for the Fellowship of the Association

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If these ideas are admitted it appears very likely that wash