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pain, aggravated by pressure, and the heavily coated tongue,
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the commissure of the index and middle fingers. By the
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Intra-venous Injection of Phenic Acid. — " La Cronica
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college he was able to understand and learn much from
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being so widely discussed, may be used to advantage to facilitate
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directions for preparing the dishes recommended, as even the
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Open Knowledge Commons and the National Endowment for the Humanities
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long, and if the wounded man is lost sight of (Russo-
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den and Norway, made him a knight of the order of Wasa.
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ment of the University of Buffalo, in 1882, to succeed Dr. James P.
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tions, either quite clean or with a few short sjplinters from
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3. Rheumatism of the thoracic muscles, and particularly of the intercostals.
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ways. In 1864 he was elected to the city council, a position which he filled for two
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diagnostician, led me up to one of my typhoid fever
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them to place many sick and needy persons under that medical
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The patient then told me, that since her only confinement,
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was founded at Angelica, New York, October 17, 1854.
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He commenced the study of medicine with a relative.
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the back of her neck, and complains of a sort of goneness in the stomach.
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as in the removal of splinters that are partly adherent. We
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respiration, and the absence of reflex irritability, did not tend to
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of this society, as its presiding officer, as the superintending physician of the Five-
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myself to no diagnosis. In three-quarters of an hour he came to
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For the sake of greater completeness, a very accurate symptom-
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large, ragged wounds. We have seen some that included
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seen before ; but I could not till to-day think what it was. I was
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The following day there was no improvement of the condition,
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in the last bones hit. The metatarsal epiphysial extremities
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I think alumina has no equal. The case of the tippler presented
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Exposition, of its sanitation, its hospitals, and its medical staff. The