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ally, it has been found to have an unfavorable action on the stomach
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out through the tube. Thus the pressure above the constricted part of
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The pronounced sinking of the brain substance, the positive diminution
by my family, including myself. When I hear such charges made
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fistula in ano, for the sphincters are rigid, not relaxed under
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The papillary blood tract enters the deeper layer of the cutis vera
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stand the supposed causes of gout. Metabolism signifies
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systemic prostration and collapse above referred to, serious nervous
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ing). Several hot-water bags or bottles are prepared for the feet,
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some disorder connected with the navel. Antipyrin was given in doses
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tion. Evacuate the stomach and treat on general principles.
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and relief in this direction. I brush aside all such doubts,
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cooling purposes; for reasons referred to, he does not approve the
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the following twenty to thirty seconds, but it did not reach the former
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which is very acute, simulating rheumatism, or even paralysis,
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ine has the opposite effect of atropine, and has been a great
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The invasion of scarlet fever is generally quite sudden and, as a rule,
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ill." The}- say, '" What is the matter < " They look him over,
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has something to do with causing this disease, showing that
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irritable, and sometimes even painful on percussion, and the mammary
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at the same time he emphasizes that for the purpose of clearing up the
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the heart. Cardiac stimulants may be required. A copious pericardial
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latter was found to contain bacilli. He was urged by another friend to see an
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to take advice. Milk is the great food with which to com-
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temperature-curve, of the characteristic lenticular spots and the Widal
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and malt preparations. Lager beer is made from infused
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