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diseases. If a fourth psychopathologic laboratory be available all the

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trode the size of which depends on the amount of contraction

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tiles which conduct the sewage into porous tiles with

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nephrotomy a persistent fistula is not uncommon. A certain number of

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autoclave for minutes at lbs. of pressure. The water over the slants may

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changes should at once eliminate anterior poliomyelitis in any

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fibrous shreds. An area corresponding to this is seen on the parietal

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condition not at all indicative of any serious trouble. As yet

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of the little retail Eclectic diploma shops of this city

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tenths of them were shrunken and very irregular in shape with

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which had shown a typical infection with Morropon Strain. The

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remember to have seen more than four or five well marked cases.

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the succession to Billroth subsequently declined the

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About this period some spasmodic action manifested itself

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certain proportion of bile and the peritonem itself shows the usual signs

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it is exposed to the air for a few seconds only and the

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the feeding of too much corn. In Canada where the pig is

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ing. He was accompanied in ambulance by Dr. Edson and talked freely