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that tlie invitation has been responded to to much extent in
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may mention tluit several years ago I had under treatment a young
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iph in some cases is very small, and the amount of effused serum
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more dangerous, and is also contagious. It usually affects the
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or artificially, though a healthy wet-nurse will be infected by this same
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"^ Boston Med. and Surg. Jour., CLXIV, No. 1, Sept., 1911.
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of something like a brick or stone, and strikes in the
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from those bounding the nasal cavity, and from the cervical vertebra.
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to the view expressed by the author ; yet these were the
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to it is the vermiform appendix, a small tube three or four inches in
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and therefore, as might be anticipated, the metropolis has been
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spirits and anxiety ; by insufficient nourishment ; and by foul air.
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ual diagnosis, a truthfulness of view as to the facts
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hysterical spasm was unilateral, the jaw being fixed in an oblique position.
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more than 6 inches from the chest without loss of brilliancy of
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(8%), obstruction (4%), and mixed diagnoses (4%) re-
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large number of new remedies, and in giving considerable promi-
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eighthly, the sword itself must be wrapped up close, as far as
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the establishment of diagnoses are enlargements of the liver and spleen.
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waited weeks and may be months to give our patient the same
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This is still an open question. Dr. Zinke, of Cincinnati, says : "Those
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phasizes the fact that waiters and workers around saloons acquire an
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application is rarely necessary. Labadie-Lagrave has used this treat-
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I)artitions, which converge to a small central opening. The lower
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Pemphigus and the diseases liable to be mistaken for it. Phila.
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to raise 550 pounds (the unit of horse-power) will require
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among primroses and violets, listening along the ramble to
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of incidence of the disease upon the several counties, not explicable by any
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lighting, and ventilation. Nearly fifty per qovX, of our
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the injudicious use of Syrup of poppies, which is nothing more than a sweetened
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consideration and discussion at the next meeting of the Insti-
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Gior. d. r. Accad. di iiied. di Torino, J 892, 3. s., xl, 829-
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the patient feels as if a current of hot or cold liquid were flowing in the
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by filtration through spongy iron, and it is the opinion of no less an au-
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be inclined to prefer phosphorus in an alcoholic or ethereal solution, given in