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ness was always present and was often considerable. The patients

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rary Secretaries in London. Among the donations received since our

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living, wholesome food, temperance, exercise, and recreation must be

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years ; Registration Examination for Medical Students ; Local Ex-

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difficulties and differences of opinion in pathology (as shown especially

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The President then gave to "our next merry meeting," and the

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Sir, — In your last week's issue, you call attention to the recent re-

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Clinical Instruction is given by the Physicians and Surgeons daily

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just share. May you begin to-day a prosperous career !

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Gentlemen who intend to join the dinner, are particularly requested

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Registrar-General of Ireland; Mr. T. M. Stone, London; The Registrar of the

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necessity for the immediate adoption of some simple but highly im-

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in Islington, he was quite satisfied with the conclusions arrived at.

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scheme has proved practicable, and for a time entirely successful,

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Students of the first, second, third, and fourth years respectively. In

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I am sure the Association will be gratified, that in the report it is pro-

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The lecturer then explained what he considered to be the chief use

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light of the populace of the old town, a small students' row was the

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turia"; Mr. T. Smith, "On the Nature of the so-called Congenital Tumour

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two subdistricts averaged 18 per l,ooo annually during the lo years

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own Foreign Office. As soon as hostilities were declared between