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stage, and that it might be said, that one member of the family

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(b), and it should give pressor and no (or little) depressor effect.

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chief thoroughfares, so sunk in vice that one could scarcely

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nervous disturbances. These flashes occur with most varying

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such as prolonged incubation, untrustworthy supply,

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prominent symptom in the early stage, while as yet the

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down the urethra. Simple expansion from within outwards, provided it was

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This type of arthritis seldom involves more than one joint at a time.

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actinomycosis of the abdomen is always due to infection from the stomach

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of pain. But the disease does not get well until the

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per cent, the decrease was sharp and fairly constant from day to day. The

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the patient received from 200 to 500 cc. of normal salt solution. Altogether

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ration, is developed gradually and imperceptibly. It may remain for a

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when applied to a patient suffering from fever, and some

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strange gestures during his prayers. One of these, a well-known

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ments I fomid that small animals died after a few minutes

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his pulse 92. On the 15th, the day the wound was fully closed, tem-

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considerably larger number of cases occurred than in

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more peculiar indications are vomiting of phlegm at the commence-

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disease of the heart. Violent palpitations, produced

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methyl green, which is a specific nuclear dye. This can be shown

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delivered her of a fine male child. There was no other

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whatever proportions are desired for a mixture of air and nitrogen.

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the upturning of soil in certain localities, thus favoring the formation of

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Antitoxin given for immunization never produces paralysis.

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once determine the adequate or inadequate development of the external

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case good. So also in Od. 18.254 and 19.127, Penelope says that her

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to care in many locations that cannot attract private

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(a combination of the chlorids of ethyl and methyl) which has proved so useful

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nurse gave it a copious draught of water. Almost immediately after this, the

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administration of justice through inefficiency of the present system.* * *