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SAL AMMONIAC. Chloride of ammonium; a compound of am-


2. Revolutc, when the edges are rolled backwards spirally on each


disappears in the adult. In the calf and the lamb it is called the

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ANTIIO-CA'RPOUS (aeflos, a flower, Kapiros, fruit). Flower-

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Publishing Co., and when in sums of five dollars or

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Posterior lobe pituitary gland, pitocin and pitres-

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cervical, the designation of a region at the back part of the neck ; .and

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liam Osier, of Johns Hopkins University; W. C. Van Bibber, M. D., Baltimore, Md.; W. W. Lassiter, M. D.,

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of the tongue, near its root, and forming a row on each side, which

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Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscott, Perry, Reynolds,

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that the Council would like to have cooperation in start-

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within and around the cervix uteri, mistaken by Naboth for ova.

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tained. A neuti'al salt is now considered to be a compound in which a :

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tetter, occurring in small circular patches, each of wliich is composed

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757; chronic pelvic, 44 ; laparotomy in, 115; puer-

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to designate c.vccss of uric acid in the blood. It signifies what is often

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DR. ROBERT T. MORRIS, of New York. "The necessary Peroxide of Hydrogen.'*

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vascular Disease in Diphtheria. New England J. Med. 323:

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■ the solid to the liquid state by e.xposnre to the air and absorption of

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modern anatomical works), but one of the membranes of the eve.

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positive Quellung reaction induced by the patient’s

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diagnose and treat splenic injuries early. The mor-

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that goes on, our bad habits being entirely excused

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PEDI'CULUS (dim. of /tes, a foot). The name of a genus of human

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on the first visit to inform us as to whether or not

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2. Scrotal tumor. The name given to a form of Elephantiasis in

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2. Triceps extensor cuLiti. A muscle arising, iiy three heads, from

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Hellebore, from Melanipus, who is said to have first used it.

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fiber and others contain quite a good deal, but those

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and in every instance from healthy children, with unquestionable

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