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of month and throat which yielded to treatment^ but the hsemorrhage
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but these remedies are only applicable to an early stage of the complaint in
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under the uncommonly talented guidance of the celebrated statis-
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dine. Accormng to some late researches of De Vry, quinidine may
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it, we believe it was because the form of duty beckoned him
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ponding degree of hypertrophy of those which remain which causes the irregu-
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circumstance of the clear space, as it were a great room, 'tween
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difficulty was experienced in extracting the head by means of the forceps, which
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.32 ounces, gave a cathartic of calomel and jalap, which operated freely in
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layer of air. This, in turn, results in susceptibility to
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divided parts in contact with much less stretching, in a more natural manner,
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We omit the summary of Dr. Gross, having it in contemplation hereafter to
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of post-mortem change. The absence of the right kidney, though
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have a framework of scroll-like bone, covered over by a
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known in Italy as interested in syphilography and skin disease.
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after the expiration of the cold stage; felt some distress, and a sense of tight-
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Hemoglobin is a variety of albumin. It forms a loose
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sesquisulphuret of arsenic, and this dissolved completely in a solution of ammo-
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influenza was yery prevalent, a large per-centage of the population
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of the Sydenham Society will be well satisfied with these
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sideration to his statistics. By Wiitzer's method he reports 12
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pains severe, and that much water had passed away, but that no blood had
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ful sun. Whilst the inhabitants of our northern States are much subject to
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or tVk'o of the circumstances of the publication. Upon looking over the volume,
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form of notes, of omissions; to the rectifi- ' larger works on Physiology,
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