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and brevis are divided (they re.-idily unite after the operation),

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T/ip Army Medical Board.— V>r Ken.ny a«ked the Secretary of State fori

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diately after they have been laid. It is necessary for them to

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and 23 per cent, worse— a very successful result, and eon-

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A typical diphtheria epidemic then is of different quality

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a temporary palliative, and to"stave off immediate 'lifBculties. We are

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lar, without pain ; the period lasted three or four days. She

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rainfall 17 inches. The number of rainy days 70. It is a

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indigotate of soda into the circulation have materially advanced our

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small-pox during that period. In the foUowing table the

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A great diminution in the number of uncertified deaths

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buted. The '' sifting," which is really a means of mixing to

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— Lead Poisoning, by J. Freeland, M.RCS, Antigua;

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sporozoa. The other sections showed the intracellular and

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It has long been the accepted custom and rule that the

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as a blood jtoison. and asserts that its operation is purely

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the epig.istriuni. lie had taken his dinner about half au hour before,

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9th, stated that towards the sum of £40,000 required for the

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ence on the climate of Egypt proving so congenial to him.

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attacked in 60, the apex in 45 ; in the remainder the seat of

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of the troubles incidental to this kind of fracture owe their

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notably in chlorosis and in the anfemia from loss of bhmd.

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period of considerable difficulty and anxiety. There would

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who has become insane. The relieving offii'er calls on me, and biiuijs

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ject, which appeared in the British Medcal Journal of

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petition are being arranged by Brigade-Surgeon-Lieuteuaut-Colonel Par-

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the danger of the poison being absorbed, and the condition

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under fifteen minutes. The first child was a male, very feeble, but

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seen that from 1875 onwards there were biennial explosions,