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a primary carcinoma of the liver. A small globule of bile can

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1951. Ellis, MacKinnon, Mountain Home V.A. Hosp., Johnson City, Tenn. (37601)


in many of these cases, patients had immigrated from or

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cainiot even move his toes while lying in bed. Subjective sensations of

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the miniature films would involve a discussion of the

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in quality to that he exhibited in London last summer,

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motherapy, which consists in allowing the patient to inspire

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Sclavonians numbered about twenty-five. What they ex-

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" in Paris and Vienna, although he visited other medical sehoola,

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at the situations where they become lodged, not only cause mechanical

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which it is useless to enter. Restless nights have al-

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ordinarily healthy person, and hence the responsibility of an assailant becomes

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' cular Wall of the Heart. Death often sudden ; scarcely

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throwing into abeyance a carcinoma that had previously been

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vous dyspepsia of long standing would recover under

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gire to the liquor traffic;" "' Tlie drin/a'iig customs of socielij ;"

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'< The disappointments and delays with which I have met

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as in this case, on the eleventh day — then clearly the inflammation was an

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the intervening integument and, he thought, oflF of the

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covery whenever any of them or of those in whom they are

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in cats by this method, though there are often many difficulties. (2) By

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Whereas, The published proceedings of various sections of the Association do

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2. In animals devoid of parathyroids (salamander larvas, para-

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anaemia, in spite of removal from malarial influences,

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prepared by growing the Bordet-Gengou bacillus. In 29 per cent,

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These three cases show clearly the vast advantage of

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some cases, the acceleration may last for a considerable period after the

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frequently are so complicated, and most beneficial results in

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Having had his first ride he smiles all over upon landing.

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beggar, taken unawares, immediately answered, "Two years," that

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nature, yet Saakes found on a careful microscopic examination

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solid body of irregular shape was swallowed, it should be