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of the pivot toward the distal end of the speculum.
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not entirely pass oil", respiratory stridor being constantly present. It
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Ped. Extensive renal function studies demonstrated no con-
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are derived from the lymphoid cells. The caseous metamorphosis, upon which
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disl urbed in every ease of shook. < >n the con-
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teoma; 2, nasal portion of the living ethmoid osteoma;
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consumption 2, congestion of the brain 3, old age, nephritis, and typhoid fever,
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intrinsic muscles of the larynx in the inflammatory process.
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altogether absent, and the olfactory lobes atrophied. I suppose that in
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sufferings, (whether brute or human.) as soon as we can,
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"fits, epileptic in character, which had troubled her for eleven
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Steady improvement occurred till February 18, when a
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introduce the needle (with an eye near the point) without
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sidering the question of qualification and midwifery, and
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preconceived notions or statements than he will find
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The beneficial effects of its use in myxedema are unquestioned.
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denal wall. We use catgut for the first two suture lines and linen
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a justification of the opinion that there should be interdiction. (Op. cit. p. 293.)
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healing of the wound is known to proceed ; and give no further annoyance — as certainly
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cure everything ; it was more than a mere panacea ; it
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severe gastro-intestinal symptoms ; vomiting and diarrhea are present,
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Hence, Trippier's ass?rtion is not justified, and the re-
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This tick is very hardy, and is said to be able to live for many
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or twenty drops of bromine to the pint of water. He
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considers the concurrence of synovitis with filarial
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of houses. One very interesting observation should be recorded. A
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in, a recognized university, college, or high or normal
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atrics have gone on record endorsing birth control serv-
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tion recommended that Dr. V. H. Moore, of Brockville,
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the human subject of this country. As regards the epieondy-
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tolerance of this remedy. Thus, in one of the cases treated successfully