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How far any similar modification may occur in the course of genera-
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presses against the bile-duct, the throbbing in the epigastrium, the tumor
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will continue sixteen weeks. Good board can be had, during the Term, for $2,50 per week.
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erly cared for. Every time the man ate a full meal he would
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?;ame term ulcerative laryngitis, even when dependent upon mere cluonic
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and pulmonary tuberculosis and strumous diathesis so common in children. The
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to a considerable extent. (5) The most marked diminution is noticed in the
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must be regarded as most favourable, especially when we consider that it has
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Reading and languages received much attention. These two subjects
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tum. It lias also been attrilmted to the iiritation |)ro-
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more stable condition of the motor neurons of the central nervous S3'stem
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be renewed daily. In order to permit of a freer opening than can other-
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white of egg, mixed with blood, and were attended with great forcing
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^ Die Ohrblutgeschwulst der Seelengestorten nebst einer Blobachtung der Koph-
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ance produced by creat htnmorrhage, and the irritative constitutional febrile aflection, which takes
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ignored the overwhelming testimony of good medical men as to
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more than the lethal dose is injected by the snake in
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or from the action of certain drugs, especially digitalis.
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the peritonaeum, the lungs, the pleura;, the colon, and the mucous mem-
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ing the outbreak several cases of sore throat occurred among users
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George E. Day, M. D., F. R. S., &c., edited by R. E. Rogers, M. D., Professor of Chemistry
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strong contra-indication to its use in a disease in which the functions of the
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extant — but the individual blocks of stock are continually
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summer-time in people who entered those parts of the country
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expectorants, such as the tincture of squills, and compound
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other hand, in the case of a boy four weeks old, who had died dur-
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Cerf & FILS, Versailles. — S. Y. Menard, " Note sur la maladie des
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by turning the screw ; no matter with what determination it
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of a {"punge, to the whole of his naked body, during the fpace
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successive defenses of it in the House, it would not have succeeded,
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only one class of therapeutic work can exception be made
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sons for the retention of bran in wheat-flour will be discussed
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panied by giddiness, vertigo, and mental torpor. The patient could not walk without
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call for anodynes. For this purpose Tincture of Hyoscyamus in doses of
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On June 15, 1949, Dr. E. T. Bell, Professor of Pathol-
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theless, I have seen cases in which, after failure of
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This form is frequent in the adult, in whom it loses