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a text-book and work of reference. We think this last

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in the southern and western portions of this countr}^, is objectionable, as

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The remedies which experience has shown to be useful in diabetes are

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body ; sometimes the alteration of structure is found only in the

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tual in cases of obstinate old ague, attended with great weakness

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importance belouging to these conditions, or to indicate the symptomatic

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the vomeronasal- nerves remained practically unstained. After

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occurrence and render it persistent, we have no positive knowledge.

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fing, and we felt no inclination to assist the obscure ])ractitioners

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on the same side. During the succeeding four months, gradual improve-

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without obstruction of the bowels^ and it may go on to a fatal

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tion of those obtained by Punizza, supposing him to have ope-

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are or have recentl}^ been atfected with it. In this city it is not infre-

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that practitioners are apt to enter upon the treatment of a case without

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is approached. Each of them is placed near the surface of the

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any ground for regarding this remedy as specially indicated.

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respiration not stertorous ; tlie pulse usually feeble or soft, and increased

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second week, in 32 during the first week, in 21 during the third week, in

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process and ear; he could get no sleep, and suffered much dur-

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pleuritis, the level of the liquid effusion, when the patient is sitting or

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amoimt of protein sulphur is in neurokeratin, a constituent of

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Addison as follows : " For a long period I had, from time to time, met

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the 'voluntary' muscular apparatus that the auditory apparatus

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addition to the motor and sensory sympathetic fibers which

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maximal expansion from the pigment during dark adaptation,