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non-febrile toxic. Examples of the first are found in the aches pro-
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may serve to explain the extreme variety of favourable effects
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Smith ; Sir Archibald (Jarrod ; Drs, Danford Thomas, Arthur LufT, Robert
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(J-lsophagus, sarcoma of. 2hj ; stricture of, 464;.
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INQUIBENS is sending a gentleman who has been slightly atlected
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neurosis. One curious form was named "anorexia nervosa'* by Sir
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two large basinfuls of such mucus between midnight and morning, but
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besides the clirouic glycosuria, ^ye find polyplxagia, jjolydipsia,
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is used, the vocal chords are found to be absolutely paralyzed. Of
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or by infecting the circulation. Osier mentions the case of a young
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history of an attack of sunstroke is also not an uncommon antecedent.
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torical and otherwise, is gone over by each one, is a wasteful
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ter, the patient caimot lie down. Auscultation quickly reveals why
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of my own cases was also successfully treated by faradism
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the same time (by the watch) after breakfast, this of itself would fre-
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tion so well or so carefully as did v. Mering and Minkowski, and
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Writers describe a number of different forms, but they all have, in
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week of scarlatina, become both enlarged and inflamed, so as to con-
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be accurately tested until the limb has been thoroughly
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blood, and is viscid at the beginning and becomes more abundant
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pl u-e at Lecester during the last three weeks ; the malady seems dving
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means of Hegar's dilators was resorted to in the second week
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other debris contained in vaccinia or smallpox pustules.
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My own belief is that the blood can be freed of this parasite by the
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physical life. We no longer regard the bones as merely the framework
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the most obstinate constipation, along with such borborygmi or rum-
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called ''diplococci/^ but when they occur adhering together in chains
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other conditions of lead working) have been tried to prevent^
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is shown by a friction-like movement of the hand from the neck up,
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this oil in increasing the watery action of other tracts also that I
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ultimate results. The question whether symphysiotomy
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cases as well as in severe. An early sign of this nephritis is a general
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to actions upon the vasomotor nerves, of which cold is a good illus-
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sought for, and I think it is to be found in the great variations
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Allusion nas already been made to this condition as met with in
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former letter as having taken place in the infantry regiment at
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