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paper, which is strong, waterproof, and at the same time

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New York (Columbia University), fellow of the American College

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strewn with outgrown theories whose truth or. falsehood has no

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In short-distance rifle-firing the mortality is appalling. The

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Williams. The parents of Dr. Streeter were both graduates

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(i) Rest for the wounded man. (2) Application oj dressings,

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purposes of its brilliant founder. Thus while here the

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Raue, M.D. Third edition. Philadelphia : F. F. Boericke, 1885.

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TTENRY FREEMAN WALKER, M.D.— Connected for over fifty

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such journals, with private and hospital practice, would seem to be

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cal science, Dr. Bulkley represents the scholarly type of physician

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is from this that so many cerebral symptoms appear which can

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mere general declamation against the practice, but pointing out

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in twenty-four hours ; passes urine only when at stool ; drawn

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Mt. Vernon Medical and of the Jenkins Medical societies, and at

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I could give twenty more Instances of Cures wrought by this

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weeks with sulphur 12 for one month, I received the following

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James R. Hayden was born in New York City, May 20, 1862, a

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from the clothes when the bullet is fired at point-blank

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As an educator, Dr. Lambert has been prominently identified with

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sooner or later be thrown upon a proceeding so unprecedented.

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ing matter. It may be of extreme minuteness, even less than

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The following standard solution is recommended : —

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