Book Titles: The I-Z

The Joy Luck Club - Tan, Amy
The King Must Die - Renault, Mary
The Lords of Discipline - Conroy, Pat
The Moves Make the Man - Brooks, Bruce
The Name of the Rose - Eco, Umberto
The Natural - Malamud, Bernard
The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Chbosky, Stephen
The Pillars of the Earth - Follet, Ken
The Power of One - Courtenay, Bryce
The Rainbow Kite - Fanta Shyer, Marlene
The Rose and the Beast; Fairy Tales Retold - Block, Francesca, Lia
The sailor who fell from grace with the sea - Mishima, Yukio
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole - Townsend, Sue
The Sissy Duckling - Fierstein, Harvey
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - Brashares, Ann
The Source - Michener, James
The things they carried - O’Brien, Tim
Then Again, Maybe I Won’t - Blume, Judy
Things Fall Apart - Achebe, Chinua
This Boy's Life - Wolff, Tobias
Thousand Pieces of Gold - McCunn, Ruthanne Lum
A Time for Dancing - Hurwin, Davida Wills
True to the Game - Woods, Teri
Twelve Days in August - Ketchum Murrow, Liza
Uncle Vampire - Grant, Cynthia D.
Violet & Claire - Block, Francesca Lia
Weetzie Bat - Block, Francesca Lia
Whale Talk - Crutcher, Chris
What I Know Now - Larson, Roger
When I was Puerto Rican - Santiago, Esmeralda
Where the Kissing Never Stops - Koertge, Ron
Whistle Me Home - Wersba, Barbara
Who's in a Family? - Skutch, Robert
Wide Sargasso Sea - Rhys, Jean
Witch Baby - Block, Francesca Lia
Woman Warrior - Kingston, Maxine
Zack's Story - Greenberg, Keith Elliot

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"The Joy Luck Club"

Tan, Amy
G.P. Putman's Sons
Copyright 1989

- “The next night, I lay straight on the bed next to him.... still didn’t touch me ...the next night I took off my gown... He was scared and turned his face. He had no desire for me, but it was his fear that made me think he had no desire for any women. .. After more months had passed (his mom said) My son says he’s planted enough seeds for thousands of grandchildren. .. It must be you doing something wrong....she confined me to the bed so that her grandchildren’s seeds would not spill out so easily.”

- “..I gorged myself... I forced spoonful after spoonful down my throat..later.. sat hunched.. retching back into the ice cream container.... wondering why it was eating something good could make me feel so terrible, while vomiting something terrible could make me feel so good.”

- “..after.. five months of post-prandial lovemaking and one week of timid and silly love confessions. We were lying in bed, between new purple sheets I had just bought for him. His old... sheets was stained in revealing places, not very romantic.”

- “He prided himself on having favorite love positions for different days and hours of the week; all he had to whisper was “Wednesday afternoon” and I’d shiver.”

- “his eye wandered up and down other girl’s legs, so he didn’t know how to drive straight home anymore.”

- “I almost aborted (my daughter), though. When I found out I was pregnant, I was furious. ...referred to (it) as my “growing resentment” and I dragged M. down to the clinic so he would have to suffer through his too.”

- “The sexual chemistry really surprised me....I thought he’d be one of those.... who says, “Am I hurting you?” when I can’t feel a thing.”

- “..when your mother awoke to find him touching her beneath her undergarments, she jumped out of bed. He grabbed her by her hair and threw her on the floor, then put his foot on her throat and told her to undress. Your mother did not scream or cry when he fell on her.


"The King Must Die"

Renault, Mary
Random House
Copyright 1958

- “..little bastard.... both fists full of his hair, trying to crack his head upon the ground... put up an arm... sank my teeth... priests got me off him by prying my jaws with a stick”

- “I turned 12 , and played in the thicket with a land baron’s daughter, who was 13... came to nothing; she scolded me off, saying I hurt her. I argued that from all I heard, it was only to her credit; but she said ...I must be doing it wrong.”

- “..lay hidden close in the deep wet grass.... stifling each others laughter when one of her suitors came... past. Afterwards she held me away from her... only while she got out a windfall from under her back.”

- “..1 or 2 of us... got sons or daughters; they are wild but willing, those girls in the back hills.”

- “ I neared 17 (was still short).. had not stood in my way with girls; and the children I got were fair... only one was small and dark; but so was the girls brother.”

- “..were bedded with their girls, those who had captured or brought their own; and young man in want of company were seeking it in the usual way. A girl passed.... she belonged to my mother... I ran out and caught her... only fought with the soft of her hands... struggled and laughed in whispers, and she said, Well, what must be must..”

- Asking his mom about his dad: “18 years since his nights pastime and he never looked back... That is enough! she cried.... I was ashamed of myself...Forgive me, Mother. Don’t be angry; I know how it is. I’ve laid a girl or 2 myself who never meant to do it; and if anyone thought the worse them; it wasn’t I. ...wanted to say I could have forgiven a man she had taken for pleasure, but not one who had taken her for his, and gone away.”

- “..your daughter has been 2 years a woman; but has she dedicated her maidenhead? Send her to.... let her not refuse the first comer, whoever he may be, sailor or slave, or wet-handed from his fathers own blood.”

- “...were working naked except for the leather codpiece Cretans wear. They keep it on under their kilts, making a show which a Hellene finds ..laughable; much cry and little wool..... you might have taken (them) for girls.”

- “..thrusting money on her, and clearly not for her oil jars, for he was grabbing at her breast... Listen stranger ... If you want a woman, the house is over there.... he winked.... what do you get of it lad.... can’t even tell a whore.. had taken me for a pimp..”

- “.. in her (eyes) I saw fear. A girl will scream as you chase her through the wood, who when caught is quiet enough. I saw no more than that in it; it stirred my blood..”

- “I jerked his head back hard and fast, and heard the snap of the neckbone.”

- “I stripped and dropped my clothed.. felt a bed...found her... what I learned with the Troizen girls seemed like nothing, like the games of children before they understand. Suddenly she cried out like a virgin. ...torchlight blinded me...heard a thousand voices laughing and cheering... we were in a cavern whose mouth had been closed with doors; the people had been waiting outside, to see them opened.... anger lit in me.. ran forward.. found myself entangled in women... been standing (upfront) to see the sight.... You barefaced bitch! ..You deserve to die. Have you no shame... Am I a dog? ...There is always the Showing.... How can the people trust the harvest, unless they see it sown?.. Now... we can please ourselves... When she had drawn me near, I forgot what she knew, dead men had taught her whose bones lay near us under the rock. The drums were quickening their beat. I learned more in that one night than I had in 3 whole years from the girls of Troizen.”

- “I lived all day for the night. sometimes I fell asleep at noon, and did not wake till evening; then I would not sleep again till dawn."

- “As it grew quiet (he and I) leaned and fell to whispering; I could see more than one of my Minyans lying awake to see if he would make love to me.”

- “Tied to them were pieces of men’s bodies, sometimes a limb, sometimes a trunk. It had been his custom to bend down 2 [trees], bind a man between them, and let them fly... ropes were still on the trunks... he had been at the game for years..”

- “Two of my boldest lads, who were sworn lovers....”

- Dividing plunder: “ is the custom... to choose a woman first... went to the captives... girl of about 15.. no chance of her being a maiden, I thought of my Mother setting out for the grove... If I die, see she is given to one man, and not made common sport of; we have got whores enough.”

- “Do you want a good death, you bitch?.... Do you think you can cheat the Daughters of Night, you and your bastard? .... it was the witch, for she put a charm on me. ..grew cold and sweated... knees lost their strength..”

- “Tell me before you go: are you with child to me? ... I took the medicine. He was only a finger long, but you could see he was a man. So I did right. There is a curse upon your son.”

- “..had meant to pick her out when the spoil was shared.... (But my father) saw this girl and chose her... one day ... on the terrace.. she ran into me... leaned on me so hard she might as well have been naked.. filled me with anger.. threw her off (would have fallen if she had not struck wall) then dragged her to the parapet and held her half over. Look well, Bitch-Eyes... crept away frightened, and was more modest after.”

- “At first I thought it would be enough to drive one made, playing about all day with girls near naked, and never to have one. But soon I learned one need never be short of woman... As for the girls. they made do with one another, so old a custom that no one questioned it.”

- “..have been wit some.. lady... whose bed one could hardly get to for paint-pots and mirrors and toilet stands all around it,..”

- “..speared on the horn which had pierced his midriff, just above the belt... They use a little double ax... to dispatch the victims.... lifted it over his neck... turned his head to take the blow cleaner.... priest.. filled.. offering cup with the Corinthians blood...”

- “The nakedness of the Bull Court suited her; though she was thin and hardly had more breast than a boy... asked her if she was having a sick day... was a trouble to them, since all were virgins. Sometimes they were killed then..”

- “..messages scribbled on a leaf of wet clay, telling one where to meet them, or when the husband would be out.”

- “..stripped and cleaned she was a fine girl, a little too manish for one’s bed,..."

- “(she) was a girl for girls”

- Kills lovers dad at his request: “...200 years since she (ax) took a king, but she will remember.. Do it.. bowed his head... swung down the ax.. head lolled down and body sank at my feet..”

- “..we fell on one another like leopards coupling in the spring. This passion, being god-inspired was healing.”

- “Soon I would find my girl or ... a girl at any rate. we linked arms in a line, and sang and shouted and passed the wine along... laughter... a girl ducked behind a tree... she squealed and dodged.. I caught her and we rolled in a tangle... Naxian girl with long sloe eyes and a nose tip-tilted. I don’t know how long we stayed there... heard a giggle, and saw another girl watching us from above, and climbed up to make her pay for it. In the end we stayed all 3 together, and time was lost again. ... [heard sounds of the old-king dying] wood was all murmers and kisses and little scuffles and shrieks.... reached out for the girl beside me. it was no use to think."

- In Fairfax County Public School Middle School Library System

- Fairfax County Public Schools Summer 2000 Suggested Reading List For Rising Ninth and Tenth Graders


"The Lords of Discipline"

Conroy, Pat
Bantam Book
Approx 550 pages
Copyright 1980

-Extensive use of vulgar language, graphic hazing torture descriptions of cadets and other controversial material

Approximate language summary:

N-word variations -57 (nigger, thicklipped nigger, bluegum nigger, dumbass nigger, nigger lover, fucking nigger, nigger ass). Other racial epithets include spear chucker, coon, blackass, wop, cracker
S-word variations – 115 (shit, shit hole, horseshit, maggot shit, bullshit, shitty, chicken shit, dog shit)
F-word variations - 157
J/JC - 25
ass/asshole - 30
vagina/vagina face-2
scum suucking/scumbag-9

- See for excerpts and additional information


"The Moves Make the Man"

Brooks, Bruce
Harper Collins Publishers
Copyright 1984

- “You trying to trick me, nigger?” “..make the jigaboos let little crackers into their schools.” “..block of niggertown.”

- “..white kids are more nervous than black kids.."

- “..hated touching a nigger...” “..few Nigger! calls..” “Typical jig trick shot... jigaboo around.... I realized I was being a cocky Nigger,..”

- “Nigger ball? ... Nigger ball..” “Asshole,” “..he’s a nigger.. my ass..” “... APPLE PIE MY ASS!” “..this lying shit.” “..entertainment from a little nigger outside and a big nigger inside.” “..jigaboo” “..strut for the crackers... crackers tittered... poor woolly-headed niggers... crackers loved it... wild country jig ...crackers all jumped.. little black Sambo... Whip your black ass.. Country nigger.. crackers were betting on me.. typical hip city coon... See you later jigaboo... poor nigger..”

- “.. is an asshole... not an asshole..” “..pure bullshit.” “..white ass... jigaboo... do that shit.” - “..put those things on her head and shock the shit out of her.. Who? I said. Your mother? My mother... She’s crazy... electric bullshit.”

- “..shitty old game..” ..kick your ass..” “..badass sinner.. jiveass..”

- “Jesus” “You talk like SHIT,..” “..going gets tough the assholes get going.” “..give the same shit to me.”

- “Couldn’t give her sleeping pills anymore, could you.... took too many... Tried to kill herself because she couldn’t stand living with you..... So B. wakes up, and sees (his mom) there, and she reaches out to touch him.... She was naked... skin looked blue... she had a knife.... asks B. one question... Do you love me?... She was weird said B. ...naked.. with that knife... (B.) said No, Mother... she stabbed herself in the wrist and the elbow... put her fist through the window and jerked her arm back and forth over the glass.”

- “Shit, let that sucker get a pizza for himself...” “..Stick the glove up your ass and ride it out of here, nigger lover..... get out, jigaboo. What a cracker bozo..”

- “ ORDERLY. any black man you see in this hospital is called the same thing, you dig? That is their name for nigger around here. .... Niggers be the secret police in charge of order!”

- Fairfax County Public Schools Summer 2000 Suggested Reading List For Rising Ninth and Tenth Graders

-See for additional information/excerpts


"The Name of the Rose"

Eco, Umberto
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.
Copyright 1980, English translation 1983

- Story takes place in monastery

- “gathered at night in a cellar, they took a newborn boy,.. threw him from one to another until he died…the child’s body was torn to pieces and mixed with flour, to make blasphemous hosts! …(on) Easter night took maidens into the cellar… extinguished candles..threw themselves on the maidens, even if they were bound to them by ties of blood.. if a baby was born.. would cut the baby to pieces, and pour its blood into the goblet, and they threw babies on the fire, still alive, and they mixed the baby’s ashes and his blood, and drank!”

- “Call B. that whore you screw at night, with your heretic cock,..”

- “..scrolls with verses that as a rule a layman devotes to a woman….. stirred by the noonday demon when my eyes…(look) at the beardless face of a novice, pure and fresh as a maiden’s”

- homosexual monks

- “..boasted of having received directly from the Holy Spirit the revelation that the carnal act was not a sin-so he seduced his victims, whom he called sisters, forcing them to submit to the lash on their naked flesh.. genuflections .. in form of cross..presented them to God….claimed from them what he called the kiss of peace.”

- “..the female is a vessel of the devil..”

- “He pointed to the Virgin’s slender bust, held high and tight by a cross-laced bodice, which the (Christ) Child’s tiny hands fondled…. Beautiful also are the breasts, which protrude slightly, only faintly tumescent, and do not swell licentiously, suppressed but not depressed… What do you feel before this sweetest of visions?”

- Long description of monk having sex with unknown girl he catches in kitchen: “(she) undid the strings that closed her dress over her bosom, slipped the dress from her body……………last vital squirt…Then I understood the abyss, and the deeper abysses that it conjured up.”

- Don’t worry about this experience of carnal passion too much. If you have it at least once you can be more understanding of sinners you will counsel and console.

- “And I agree with you that the sin of sodomy is far worse than other forms of lust, which, frankly, I am not inclined to investigate…”

- “..we were reduced to eating flesh of our companions killed in battle, …so many died…couldn’t eat them all…”

-“If an ecclesiastic commits a carnal sin, with a nun, with a relative or..ordinary woman..can be absolved .. by paying $$$….bestiality (more), but (if) only with youths or animals, and not females, the fine is reduced…and a nun who gives herself to many men, either all at once or at different times…to become an abbess.. must pay $$…”

- “..could one suffer lovesickness for a being of one’s own sex, or was that only bestial lust?”

- Casting spells , witchcraft, black magic

- “Were you not inquisitor…., where that girl had intercourse with a devil who appeared to her in the form of a black cat?”

- “..the animal turned it displayed the evil of its behind, more fetid than any other, as is proper for that anus which many devotees of Satan….have always been accustomed to kiss in the course of their meetings.”

- “..would shudder at the sight of a woman…consists of mucus and blood, humors and bile….only find filth….if it revolts you to touch mucus or dung with your fingertip, how can we desire to embrace the sack that contains the dung?”

- “You hid his letters and he showed you the novices’ asses..”

- “..not only a carnal sinner for his own purposes; he also acted as procurer.”

- “ I have collaborated readily in the management of this estate of the Anti-Christ.”

- “..saw (her) cut to pieces,.. screamed, disemboweled..poor body that I..had touched one night….as her lacerated body was burning they fell on D. and pulled of his nose and testicles with burning tongs…he wanted to die..”

- Long (9 page) religious dream/vision (nightmare) involving numerous persons from Bible: “..they divided up the calf….Elizabeth (was given) the vulva…Jesus was devouring a donkey…All were drunk…Jesus’s fingers were black as he handed out pages of books saying: Take this and eat, these are the riddles of Synphosius, including the one about the fish that is the son of God….Berengar pulled up everyone’s habit, man and woman, kissing them all on the anus…..The Baptist decapitated her, Abel cut her open,.. Joseph betrayed her with another woman,.. Peter crucified her,..flinging excrement on her, farting in her face, urinating on her head, vomiting on her bosom, ….whipping her buttocks with glowing torches… the inside of a great womb, mucous and viscid,.. And she displayed to me her vulva, into which I entered….”

- “A dream is a scripture, and many scriptures are nothing but dreams.”

- “..give him a piece of Brother john’s tunic to preserve as a relic, and when he was given it he wiped his behind and threw it in the dungheap and with a stick rolled it around in the dung, shouting: Alas, help me, brothers, because I dropped the saint’s relic in the latrine!”


”The Natural"

Malamud, Bernard

See for excerpts


"The Perks of Being a Wallflower"

Chbosky, Stephen
213 pages, paperback
Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.
Copyright 1999

- Excerpts and other information on this book is from website. The printing/edition the page number reference refers to is unknown, but we have verified the excerpts to be correct. There is much more controversial material in this book than that below.

- The book is aimed at teenagers, and is told from a teenage boy's perspective.

- The book contains explicit references and discussion regarding:
- Sexual acts between teenagers.
- Male masturbation.
- Oral-genital sex.
- A great deal of profanity.
- Male homosexual acts between teenaged boys, including kissing, seduction/"having a crush" and anal sex.
- Illegal drug use.
- Homosexual acts between men and boys.
- Sex between a boy and a dog.
- Female masturbation using an object.

Page 3-4 [The book starts out with Charlie's friend committing suicide. It is suggested that his home life and parents were the cause.]
His mom played bridge with one of Michael's neighbors and they heard the gunshot...The Counselor said that he suspected that Michael had "problems" at home" and didn't feel like he had anyone to talk to. That's maybe why he felt all alone and killed himself...Michael's funeral was strange because his father didn't cry.

Page 12 [Charlie accidentally walks in while a his sister is having sex with a boy.]
And I opened the door to the basement, and my sister and this boy were naked.
He was on top of her, and her legs were draped over either side of the couch. And she screamed at me in a whisper.
"Get out. You pervert."
…"Yes. He is." That's all my sister could say.

Page 21 [He discovers masturbation.]
Do you know what "masturbation" is? I think you probably do because you are older than me. But just in case, I will tell you. Masturbation is when you rub your genitals until you have an orgasm.. Wow!
I thought that in those movies and television shows when they talk about having a coffee break that they should have a masturbation break. But then again, I think this would decrease productivity.

Page 27 [More on masturbation...]
I guess I forgot to mention in my last letter that it was Patrick who told me about masturbation. I guess I forgot to tell you how often I do it now, which is a lot. I don't like to look at pictures. I just close my eyes and dream about a lady I do not know. And I try not to feel ashamed....
One night, I felt so guilty that I promised God that I would never do it again. So, I started using blankets, but then the blankets hurt, so I started using pillows, but then the pillows hurt, so I went back to [the] normal [way].

Page 30 [He is forced to stay in his room while his brother throws a party. A boy brings a girl in and seduces her, while Charlie watches...]
Every ten minutes or so, a drunk girl or boy would stumble in my room to see if they could make out there or something. Then, they would see me and walk away. That is, except for this one couple.
This one couple, whom I was told later were very popular and in love, stumbled into my room and asked if I minded them using it. I told them that my brother and sister said I had to stay here, and they asked if they could use the room anyway with me still in it. I said I didn't see why not, so they closed the door and started kissing. Kissing very hard. After a few minutes, the boy's hand went up the girl's shirt, and she started protesting.
"C'mon, Dave." "What?" "The kid's in here."
And the boy kept working up the girl's shirt, and as much as she said no, he kept working it. And the boy kept working up the girl's shirt, and as much as she said no, he kept working it. After a few minutes, she stopped protesting, and he pulled her shirt off, and she had a white bra on with lace. I honestly didn't know what to do by this point. Pretty soon, he took off her bra and started to kiss her breasts. And then he put his hand down her pants, and she started moaning. I think they were both very drunk. He reached to take off her pants, but she started crying really hard, so he reached for his own. He pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees.
"Please. Dave. No."
But the boy just talked soft to her about how good she looked and things like that, and she grabbed his penis with her hands and started moving it. I wish I could describe this a little more nicely without using words like penis, but that was the way it was.

Page 31. [...and the boy sodomizes the girl while Charlie watches.]
After a few minutes, the boy pushed the girl's head down, and she started to kiss his penis. She was still crying. Finally, she stopped crying because he put his penis in her mouth, and I don't think you can cry in that position. I had to stop watching at that point because I started to feel sick, but it kept going on, and they kept doing other things, and she kept saying "no." Even when I covered my ears, I could still hear her say that.

Page 36. [One of several scenes of boys in various stages of homosexual relationships.]
As we were leaving, Sam turned to Bob. "I still think you're an asshole."…
When I got out of the bathroom, I heard a noise in the room where we left our coats. I opened the door, and I saw Patrick kissing Brad. It was a stolen type of kissing. They heard me in the door and turned around.
And Patrick smiled. And Bob started to make fun of him having a crush on the quarterback. And Patrick smiled more.

Page 44. [Charlie watching two of his friends having anal sex with each other.]
When most people left, Brad and Patrick went into Patrick's room.
They had sex for the first time that night.
I don't want to go into detail about it, because it's pretty private stuff, but I will say that Brad assumed the role of the girl in terms of where you put things. I think that's pretty important to tell you. When they were finished, Brad started to cry really hard. He had been drinking a lot. And getting really stoned.
No matter what Patrick did, Brad kept crying. Brad wouldn't even let Patrick hold him, which seems rather sad to me because if I have sex with some, I would want to hold them.
Finally, Patrick just pulled up Brad's pants, and said to him. "Just pretend you're passed out."

Page 45-47 [Describing how Brad's reaction to his homosexual relationship.]
Brad's parents never did figure out why their son was getting stoned and drunk all the time. Neither did anybody else. Except the people who knew.
I asked Patrick if he felt sad that he had to keep it a secret, and Patrick just said that he wasn't sad because at least for not, Brad doesn't have to get drunk or stoned to make love.

P. 136 [This kind of "colorful" speech the author uses.]
"What the fuck is wrong with you?"…"And I thought Brad was fucked-up. Jesus."

Page 143 [Another weird scene that seemed to have no meaning except for shock.]
I guess the mom had been searching for the little boy for a long time because she came running up to the information desk, and when she saw the little boy, she started crying. She held him tightly and told him never to run off again. Then, she thanked the older kid who had helped, and all the older kid said was, "Next time just watch him a little fucking better."

P. 158 [A scene at night on a deserted golf course.]
"...they're just about to 'do it' when Parker realizes he forgot the condoms. They're both naked on this putting green. They both want each other. There's no condom. So, what do you think happened?
"I don't know."
"They did it doggie style with one of the sandwich bags!"

Page 159 [This is too weird to describe...]
There was a guy named Carl Burns and everyone called him C.B. And one day C.B. got so drunk at a party that he tried to "fuck" the host's dog.
And there was this guy they called "Action Jack" because supposedly he was caught masturbating at a drunk party. And at every pep rally, the kids would clap and chant, Action Jack...clap clap clap...Action Jack.

Page 160 [A girl who masturbated with a hot dog...]
There were other stories and other names…Sheila, who allegedly masturbated with a hot dog and had to go to the emergency room. The list went on and on.

Page 160 [Charlie speaking -- he begins to engage in homosexual acts, also.]
He drove me home and pulled up in the driveway. We hugged good night, and when I was just about to let go, he held me a little tighter. And he moved his face to mine. And he kissed me. A real kiss. Then, he pulled away real slow…And moved into kiss me again. And I just let him. And I don't know why. We stayed in his car for a long time. We didn't do anything other than kiss.

Page 161 [A scene about a park where men pick up boys to have sex with them.]
One night Patrick took me to this park where men go and find each other. Patrick told me that if I didn't want to be bothered by anyone that I should just not make eye contact. He said that eye contact is how you agree to fool around anonymously. Nobody talks. They just find places to go. After a while, Patrick saw someone he liked. He asked me if I needed any cigarettes, and when I said no, he patted my shoulder and walked away with this boy. …
So, tonight, he dropped me off at home. It was the night we went back to the park where men meet. And the night he saw Brad there with some guy.

Page 162 [Charlie and his friend go back to the park...]
It was the night we went back to the park where men meet. And the night he saw Brad there with some guy.

Page 171 [Discussing their parties...]
Whoever lost the dance contest had to pretend he or she was having sex with a large stuffed Gumby doll, so I quickly showed my sister and her boyfriend how to dance the Time Warp, so they wouldn't lose the contest...I don't think I could have handled her pretending to have sex with a large stuffed Gumby.

Page 173 [Discussing his homosexual relationship with Patrick.]
I know Patrick will be around, but I'm afraid that maybe since he isn't sad, he won't want to spend time with me. I know that's wrong in my head, but it feels that way sometimes.

Page 173 [Discussing Patrick's other homosexual relationship, etc.]
I hope Brad and Patrick decide to make up and dance in front of the whole school. And that Alice is secretly a lesbian and in love with Brad's girlfriend Nancy (and vice versa), so nobody feels left out.

Page 208 [This starts the final chapter of the book. This is how the author ends Charlie's story.]
I've been in the hospital for the past two months. They just released me yesterday. The doctor told me that my mother and father found me sitting on the couch in the family room. I was completely naked, just watching the television, which wasn't on. I wouldn't speak or snap out of it, they said.

- In Fairfax County Public School Middle School Library System

- For Additional excerpts see


"The Pillars of the Earth"

Follett, Ken
Copyright 1989

Lots and lots of controversial material. Some of it is as follows:

- “The small boys came early to the hanging” is opening line of book

- Blood from beheaded cock used in curse sprays over witnesses to hanging

- Small child clubbed with “sickening sound of blow” to head

- “cocksuckers” and “pigfuckers”

- “loins stirred” thinking of rape

- “intrigued by the idea of doing it with a total stranger , in daylight, and paying for it….”

- “pulled off her dress….could see her nude…made love”

- Vivid description of childbirth, woman dies of blood loss, baby left alive on top of mothers grave to die.

- Vivid description of sex with woman day after wife dies in childbirth

- Vivid description of boys parents being killed by swords: “sickening crack of breaking bone as sword entered (mom’s) chest…blade went in deep..(came) through back and stuck in ground, fixing her to floor like nail…..twisted his sword in (Dad’s) belly…ugly tubes and organs falling out of his father..”

- Bishops and priests had mistresses and housekeepers, chastity not enforced, clerical celibacy too hard a law to be obeyed

- “I’d like to get hold off that bitch, …flay her alive…hang her skin on a nail…let birds peck her flesh”

- “..wanted to get her in a clinch, feel her up…find out if those tits were .. big ….bitch.. bitch…wanted to lie on top of her hot body..”

- Man tortured by swing him over fire. “..smell of burning flesh…fat from flesh dripped into fire and sizzled…..watching his agony…every time (he) cried out William felt a profound thrill…power of pain over a man made him feel good…a bit like (assaulting a girl)” ……… “Torturing a man without killing him was like stripping a girl naked without raping her…he felt the need of a woman.”

- “ …..if you don’t take the money (for the woman) I’ll run you through with my sword and fuck her in front of the children!”

- Some excerpts: “explored her body.. excite her with his fingers” “move rhythmically.. moan of pleasure” “…seed comes out of a man’s prick and is planted in a womans cunny” “..dagger in belly.. pulled out dagger.. stuck it in man’s mouth..” “..he could rip off her cloths… look at her nakedness… wanted to crush her ripe body.. force her thighs apart…” “Alfred said it was called fucking”

- Monks are like geldings: physical passion is denied to them, but they still smell cunt.”

- Woman pisses on holy Rule of Saint Benedict book in front of crowd. “They spend all night up one another’s arseholes and …. call what we’re doing a sin”

- “..not just the fucking that she liked..”

- Man spying on woman: “nipples… bush of curly hair between her legs, and when she washed herself there, .. (he) …ejaculated in his clothes.”

- proposition from whore naked under cloak: “Anything you like.. for a penny…… I like a nice round head”

- Long vivid description of servant killed, brother beaten, earlobe cut off, girl raped by two men brutally while brother forced to watch. “Your turn next….… shoved brutally….spurted his seed inside her, laughing and laughing…..until he was drained dry”

- Vivid description of killing man by stomach knifing. “..kept on pushing until long knife was inside him up to the hilt…. Pull the knife sideways…felt it slice through his soft insides as it came out his fat belly….Blood spurted”

- Woman kisses her, squeezes her breast, offers her job as whore.

- Thinks of her rapist “fucking her for a penny”

- Description of game of “stoning the cat” to death

- Rapist fondly recalls rape, wishes he had kept her prisoner so he could have her any time he wanted.

- “He wondered if it was a sin to have an erection in church”

- Whore raped/beaten by two “knights” while two others watch: “Stick it in this ones mouth” …”woman done by two men at the same time … than he came” … William did the same… why don’t you two do her?… He liked the idea of watching a repeat performance.”

- Beatings, pulling down building on man to kill him, “knights” raping woman. “..when I’m done, my knights will have her too..”

- receives forgiveness from corrupt bishop for killings, beatings, rapes. Bishops indicates he will forgive him for further killings of woman and children (to advance his cause)

- “Tell us where the money is or she’ll have… sword up her cunt…”

- Rape of man’s daughter, monk intervenes….. “go to hell… I want to fuck her first”

- “think about her naked… imagining making love… need real thing…several girls were ready… certain things a girl could do… and still remain a virgin.”

- “… off to see my …. brother …can’t imagine he gives you much of a ride…”

- “kissing and rubbing like a whore and a drunk….. bitch in heat”

- midget exposes “full-sized penis”

- Bear killed with vivid gory detail by dogs for entertainment at fair

- “knowing how men felt after battle (the tenant) brought in whores for entertainment”

- “confession” given for switching side in battle to “churches side”

- “When he…. threw her on floor…..lifted her skirt.. he would remember expression of terror and despair (from victim of previous rape) and be able to do it. He smiled…”

- Girl describes to boyfriend her prior rape by two men

- Vivid detailed description of sex on wedding day with man not her husband to be. “put (his hand) between her legs…feel me…feel inside…pushed finger inside her…slippery with desire…enter her…felt him push…move rhythmically…gasps turned into cries…his cock in her cunt… jet spurt inside her”

- girl marries man she doesn’t love, vivid description of bad sex on honeymoon night. “ ..thrust a finger inside her…she was dry…dry as a sawpit…removed his hand…spat on it twice…rubbed spittle between her legs…spread her thighs…(he) was rubbing himself….let me she said…it felt limp and lifeless….squeezed it..stroked it…do it harder he said….he slapped her face…your no good..”

- Another vivid sex description

- A few more sex scenes

- Using a fake statue and fake miracles to make money for the church

- “Do you remember that night? You rode me like a horse-"

- “They would…drink beer….sharpen their blades and tell…stories of…men mutilated…old men trampled beneath…warhorses…girls raped and women sodomized, children beheaded and babies spitted on the points of swords while their mothers screamed…”

- Offer from mom flashing her 13 year old daughters immature breasts “60 pence…(he) felt a stirring in his loins..”

- Another sex description: “..her hand closed on the hard rod standing upright between (his) loins like a flagpole….She gasped with pleasure….parted her thighs…stroked her full breasts…played with her…nipples…penetrated her..climax took her…spasms of pleasure…stayed inside her hard…”

- Beats/rapes 14 year old wife on wedding night: “..he was not fully aroused…rubbed himself to make his organ stiffer…pushed two fingers inside her…she gasped in pain..that was better…slapped her hard…she cried…lip bled…this was more like it…he hit her again”

- “..(they) lost count of the Jews they had tormented and the virgins they had deflowered.”

- Attempted rape: “(husband) was going to see his young wife raped by several men…ripped off the girls undershirt…hold her down…she had no hope …but kept writhing and screaming…(he) like that…four knights pinned her down…lifted her skirt…(he) looked up at her husband (who) was distraught…(he) savored the moment: the terrified woman, the knights holding her down, the husband looking on.”

- “And where are you going (he asked)? …to..breakfast…I’ve got something for you to eat he called after her..I might bite it off (she said)”

- Another beating/attempted rape

- “…he stuck the point of his sword into the open head of the archbishop and spilled his brains out onto the floor.”

- “…she realized (the hanging dying man) had looked like that when he was raping her, just before he reached climax.”

- 91st most challenged book of the 1990's


”The Power of One"

Courtenay, Bryce

See for excerpts


"The Rainbow Kite"

Fanta Shyer, Marlene

See for excerpts


"The Rose and the Beast; Fairy Tales Retold"

Block, Francesca Lia
Joanna Colter Books
229 pages, large print with few words per page
Copyright 2000

- 9 short stories

-from Snow: “He was cutting down trees with an ax and blood ran from their trunks. He was carrying the body of a very pale child into the woods and holding the ax..”

-“In her sleep she had seen love. It was poisoning. It was possessing. Devouring.”


-from Tiny: “The woman named her lost babies..... made 8 tiny symbolic graves in her garden...”

-“Oh shit, he said. What the fuck.”


-from Charm: “Inevitable that she would prick her arm (not her finger) with the needle... ecstasy of pure honeyed light in her veins, like being infused with the soul she had lost..”

-“..graffiti scrawled outside by taggers who were arrested or killed for it, went to parties in hotel rooms where white-skinned, lingerie-clad rock stars had been staying the night their husbands shot themselves in the head, listened to music in nightclubs where stunning boyish actors had OD’d on the pavement.”

-“P came by... gave her what she needed in a needle in exchange for the photos he took of her. And sometimes she slept with him.... Opium eyes.. He photographed her as witch, priestess, fairy queen...”

-“She had been adopted by a man and woman who wanted beauty... They had men take pictures of her right from the beginning. There were things that happened. R tried to think only of the leopard couches and velvet pillows, the feather boas and fox fur pelts, the flock of doves and the poodle with its forelock twisted into a unicorn horn, the hot lights that were, she hoped, bright enough to sear away the image of what was happening to her.”

-“ with cameras had sucked away her soul in little sips, because any form that lovely must remain soulless so as to not stun them impotent? ...made Old-Woman-heroin’s face split into a jealous leer as she beckoned R up to the attic and stabbed her with that needle the first time.”

-“He picked her up one night and took her to a small villa... told her to take off her dress and arranged her limbs on a big white bed, tied and slapped her arm, tucked the needle into the largest, least bruised vein... 3 men climbed onto her while P hovered around them taking shots.. she lay still. She let the opium be her soul. It was better than having a soul. It did not cry out, it did not write with pain. Get off her, you fucks!.. Want to join the party? 1 of the men said. I think she wants to join the party.”

-“R stared at the 2 naked young girls, 1 dark, 1 pale, curled one a leopard skin sofa. Their hands and feet were shackled together.”

-“when C kissed her, R felt as if all the fierce blossoms were shuddering open... felt as if the other woman were breathing into her body something lost.... the only drug either of them would need now.”


-from Wolf: “ and he were fighting and that was nothing new. And he was drinking, same old thing... heard her mention me, how she knew what he was doing. And no fucking way was she going to sit around and let that happen.”

-“He would think for sure I had told her. And then he’d do what he had promised he’d do every night he held me under the crush of his putrid skanky body.”

-“..why do you think all those runaways are on the streets tearing up their veins with junk and selling themselves so they can sleep in the gutter? What do you think the alternative was at home?”

-“..scared shitless..”

-“No matter what happens to me I’m still here [her mom told her]. I believed her until he started coming into my room.”


-“..have experienced 1 big earthquake in my life.. didn’t bother me much.. [I’m] at the mercy of nature in other ways, if you know what I mean. I just closed my eyes and let it ride itself out. I kind of wished he’d been on top of me then because it might have scared him... don’t blame the earth for shaking because she is probably so sick of people fucking with her...”

-“..P.E. sucks. I’m not very athletic, maybe ‘cause I smoke, and I hate getting undressed in front of some of those stupid bitches who like to see what kind of underwear you have on..”

-“I wonder what this boy’s perfect dream day would be. Probably to get to fuck Pamela Lee..”

-“Grandma.. think she knew that he was fucked up.”

-“I started screaming about how he had raped me for years and I wanted to kill him and if we didn’t he’d kill us. Maybe my mom was already dead... he started laughing at me, this hideous tooth laugh, and I remembered him above me in that bed with his clammy hand on my mouth and his ugly weight and me trying to keep hanging on because I wouldn’t let him take my mom away... I had the gun and I pulled the trigger.”


-from Bones: Story starts “I dreamed of being part of the stories... because at least the girls in the stories were alive before they died.. ears.. ringing from the music cranked to pain pitch in the clubs. Cigarette smoke perfumed my hair, wove into my clothes. i took the occasional drug when it came my way. The more mind-altering the better. I had safe sex with boys I didn’t know -- usually pretty safe.”

-“I met him at a party.. people were bringing offerings -- bottles of booze and drugs... Derrick Blue they called him, or just Blue.. drank my beer and watched everybody.. was a lot of posing going on.. more scantily clad girls kept coming... Blue came out after a while and made the rounds..”

-“dreaming about the boys I saw at shows or at work -- the boys with the silver earrings and big boots -- would tell me I was beautiful, take me home and feed me... and undress me and make love to me all night..”

-“..I was hungry for him.... [he] caught my arm as I was leaving -- I was pretty drunk by then.... we were all over his house. On the floor and the couches and tables and beds... You’re so tiny he said, like a doll, you look like you might break. I wanted him to break me... The night was Blue, like drowning in a cocktail.’

-“he took a key from his pocket. ..I felt ..dying girls. He said, the key, it had blood on it... was a fairy, and she couldn’t get the blood off, no matter what she did.. I knew that Bluebeard had done something terrible... dead girls in a chamber, a psychotic killer with blue hair... I wondered how he managed it. If anyone came looking for the women. Not if they were a bunch of lost girls without voices or love.... part of me wanted to swoon into nothing, but the other women’s bones were talking... little runaway bones of skinny, hungry girls.... [who] stayed after the party was over... probably didn’t have to use much force on most of them.”


-from Ice: He.. kept looking at me while he sang.. when it was over I felt like I’d been kissed for hours all over my body... He came walking through the crowd... came up to me... asked right then if i wanted to go out with him, if I wanted to get high... “

-“..we got high and talked all night..”

-“..made the sheets so hot I was afraid they would stick to my skin like melted wax.”

-“That was when she came, my beautiful fear... so beautiful that I almost desired it--her. She was the porn goddess, ice sex, glistening and shiny and perfection. Something you wanted to eat and wear and own and be. Something delicious forbidden.”

-“I covered [with tattoo] some scars when I had tried to cut myself after my mom died..”

-“..would have woven a blanket out of the threads of my body... ripped out my hair.. cut my body... sewn on new body parts.. flayed my skin.. given him my eyes or my heart so that I could live in him, lying in her arms.”

-“I painted myself ripping out my hair, cutting off parts off me, sewing on new ones.”

-“He is lying in her burning cold bed watching the video screen. This is how they touch. She’s too perfect to be real. He touches himself looking at her.”

-“The Ice Queen is undressing for him again. I’ll make you a god, she said.... Then he disappeared.... Where is [he] they asked.”

-“I wanted to drag him away... but let him see her there.... Naked and glistening... I wanted to destroy the body I was trapped in, become what she was, no matter what it took. No matter how much mutilation or pain... He pulled my face down and pressed my lips against his like he was almost trying to suffocate us both.”

- In Fairfax County Public School Elementary and Middle School Library System

- Author of a number of gay theme/coming out books that have been challenged in a number of libraries and schools: Baby Be-Bop, Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys, Girl Goddess #9, I was a Teenage Fairy, Weetzie Bat, Witch Baby, etc.

-See for additional information/excerpts


"The sailor who fell from grace with the sea"

Mishima, Yukio
Vintage Interntional
Copyright 1965

- N. [12 years old] peeping through a hole in the wall, watching his mother naked:“Her haughty breasts inclined sharply away from her body; and when she kneaded them with her hands, the rosy nipples danced apart. He saw her trembling belly. And the scar that meant she had born children.”

- “And the zone of black…He tried all the obscenity he knew, but words alone couldn’t penetrate that thicket.”

- Noboru spying on his mother & the sailor during sexual intercourse: “Noboru gazed in wonder as, rippling up though the thick hair below the belly, the lustrous temple soared erect.”

- “Assembled there were the moon and a feverish wind, the incited, naked flesh of a man and a woman, sweat, perfume, the scars of a life at sea, the dim memory of ports around the world, a cramped breathless peephole, a young boy’s iron heart…”

- “N. was choked, wet ecstatic.”

- The sailor thinking about the first whore he went to in Hong Kong: “They performed in silence… The woman’s lower body, like a hibernating animal half asleep, moved lethargically under the quilts…The stars slanted into the south, swung to the north, wheeled, whirled into the east, and seemed to be impaled on the tip of the mast. By the time he realized this was a woman, it was done….”

- “sailor is terrific! ...fantastic beast that’s just come out of the sea dripping wet. Last night I watched him go to bed with my mother.”

- “Noboru had been trained in such a way that practically nothing sexual…could surprise him….[the chief] had managed to obtain photographs picturing intercourse in every conceivable position and a remarkable selection of pre-coital techniques, and explained them all in detail…”

- “…[the chief] maintained that their genitals were for copulating with stars in the Milky Way. Their pubic hair, indigo roots beneath white skin …would grow out in order to tickle coy stardust when rape occurred…”

- Very shortened description of killing a kitten: “… N. swung the kitten high above his head and slammed it against the log. The warm soft thing hurtled through the air in marvelous flight.” “The kitten had bounced off the log for the final time.. The boys were overjoyed at the spattered blood on the log.” “…the pumping of the heart placed the peeled kitten in direct and tingling contact with the world.” “When he squeezed the heart [of the kitten] between two fingers, the remaining blood gushed onto his rubber gloves…” “… [N.] envisioned the warmth of the scattered viscera and the pools of blood in the gutted belly finding wholeness and perfection in the rapture of the dead kitten’s large languid soul… Death had transfigured the kitten into a perfect autonomous world.” “You did a real good job. ...made a man of you - and isn’t all this blood a sight for sore eyes!”

- “Fathers are evil... everything ugly in man... no such thing as a good father.. role itself is bad...... father is a reality concealing machine.... dishing up lies to kids... Fathers are the flies of this world... Filthy, lecherous flies broadcasting to the whole world that they’ve screwed with our mothers. should - why don’t you - butter his toast with potassium cyanide or something...”

- Fairfax County Public Schools required reading for Eleventh Grade IB English


”The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole"

Townsend, Sue

See for excerpts


"The Sissy Duckling"

Fierstein, Harvey
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Copyright 2002

See for excerpts


"The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"

Brashares, Ann

- For information, review, excerpts see


"The Source"

Michener, James
Ballantine Publishing Group
Paperback approx. 1000 pages
Copyright 1965 by Random House, Inc.

- “..the minute that Korean bitch puts her foot through the door I’m gonna cut my throat.”

- “He and his friends would lurk ... rock in fist... waiting for the occasional Jew... pummeling him harshly and shouting: “Jew boy! Jew boy! Gonna crucify a goy.””

- “..she stood naked for the approval of the town.... purpose was to be loved ... he watched with such hungry eyes... The priest raised his arms in blessing over the naked girl, .... girl started to.. dance ..arms and knees in seductive rhythms... feet were apart, .. gyrating in taunting patterns until the men... were biting their lips in hunger. ...he wanted to leap onto the porch now and take her.. four well known princesses were led forth -many men had known these four- they too were stripped naked.. priests nominated 4 townsmen to join (these) priestesses ... and (they) left their wives and leapt up the steps. Each grabbed the women designated for him, leading her to the chambers..”

- “..prostitutes who were served out in batches of 3 or 4 at the conclusion of the celebrations, ending at last as an unwanted old woman given to slaves in hopes that an extra child or 2 might be lured from her womb.”

- “..she heard her husband praying to (a god) that he might be the chosen one (for the temple priestess/prostitute) ..praying a 2nd time ...he might be equal to the task.. one of the prettiest of the older temple prostitutes dance(d) nude, after which she allowed herself to be led into one of the chambers by a youth of 16 who had been fortified by wine.... finally the presentation of the young priestess... who was again ..undresses by the priests... priests assembled and their leader cried ‘U. is the man’ ... (he) leapt onto the steps... priests quickly stripped away his clothing... he ..carried her into the hall.... he would lie with her for 7 days. .......... (after 7 days) the priests handed back his clothes... townsmen ..asked with envy, ‘Did you get her with child?’ .. loudmouth.. cried, ‘5 months from now... I’ll be sleeping between those long brown legs.”

- “He then went out.. to find for his goddesses the phallic rocks they merited. .. her voice called to him... with a promise of sex”

- “Forget her, U. In the months ahead we’ll all enjoy that one.”

- “At the conclusion of her erotic performance, when U. was burning with desire for her, she retired and the priests threw out the 4 old prostitutes. .. But when he was alone with his substitute princess he could do nothing... though she stood naked before him.. the disappointed prostitute reported (him) to the priests...”

- “..crowd chanted praises... priests trundled out the war god...large fires were lit... crowd cheered and drums were beaten with frenzy as one perfect boy of three... was crushed down upon the stone arms and tumbled into the.. pit. ...priests ordered music... door opened and L. came forth, now an ordinary prostitute...... T. saw his lips forming the pathetic prayer, ‘..let it be me.’ ..priests cried, ‘The man is (someone else)!’ No! U. protested,... grabbed a spear held by a guard, and as A. stepped forward to claim the priestess, U. drove the spear into his back (and ran off).... Not even a death could be allowed to interrupt the rites of life.... a priest cried the man is H. ... H. leaped to the steps, disrobed, and in a condition of astonishing virility, considering the proceeding events, stepped past the dead man and carried L. to the love-room.”

- “A man who had known God, who had created a nation, who had laid down the law that all of us still follow. And when he dies you say of him, ‘He could still function in bed.’ Ours is a very gutsy religion, C.”

- “In the desert a lusty man might rape a nubile woman and this was understandable, Z. himself had taken his 2nd wife in this manner, but when the rape was completed a strict code required the pair to marry and lend dignity to the process.”

- “...captain had one of his men produce the lash -a club containing several dozen leather thongs... tipped with lead.... stripped the old man till he stood naked... tied him to a pillar.. 10 swift blows of the lash tore at him terribly... lead tips caught at his face and ripped out one of his eyes... tore away a corner of his mouth and laid bare the muscles of his neck...(more lashes) tore away the old man’s testicles and laid open his loins ... 40th blow ..thrown to ground... lay quivering... men with sharp knives came to cut away the mutilated skin. ..(then prayed) ..died”

- “..guards had erected 2 pillars and had provided 2 lashes fitted with lead-tipped of P. was led forth.. farmer... his wife...their infant.. swaddling clothes of the (child) were ripped away.. child held aloft... hideous swiftness a sword flashed and the child was split in two... parents stripped and tied to the poles... lashed 50 times... upon a woman’s body the effect was overwhelming... mutilated bodies thrown to ground... knives cut away any remaining skin... torsos were hacked apart and thrown on a heap of rubbish... where dogs and jackals came to feed... late afternoon of that perfect day, a solitary soldier, ... appeared with a bucket to wash any stains that might remain before the temple... Greeks were a meticulous people to whom cleanliness and beauty were imperative."

- “..was a favorite trick of the king’s, to have his enemies enclosed in a narrow space, unarmed, ..send roaring through the doors his legionnaires in full battle dress, wearing shields and short swords. ..slaughter was hideous...swords flashed...tunics red with blood.. never was any victim killed by a simple thrust...hacked to death, with ears sliced off and legs cut away at the ankle... king would stand and watch.. licking his lips...”

- “Greetings T. .. when he came down the .. steps I waded forwarded to embrace him and pinioned his arms, so that when the Cilicians grabbed his feet I could feel the tremor pass through his body. He gave me a wild stare... brought my hands upward until they grasped his neck... we dragged him under the water.”

- “..threw the old soldier upon the rack, torturing him beyond endurance, twisting and turning his body, jerking him until his joints came apart and bones cracked.”

- “..I, who attended only a few of the massive slaughters, must have witnessed with my own eyes 6 or 8,000.. people hacked to death.... woman getting her hair curled by slaves spoke against the massacres.. she was put to torture... spewed out the names of 6o accomplices... These in turn were tortured upon the rack... implicated hundreds of others... families even down to children 2 months old were also slain.”

- “Sickness had spread through his entire body, and his legs were great stumps, half a cubit thick at the ankles.. agony throughout his bowels, and a dreadful sickness had attacked his genitals, producing worms that lived in the mortified flesh. ...sores everywhere.. stomach had turned permanently rotten and gave off such a stench that even his bodyguards had to be relieved at intervals lest they collapse from the smell.”

- “..-killing decent citizens so that he could sleep with their wives for one night, then sending the women into prostitution and slavery... was emperor and he was also god.”

- “Y. and his wife were laid upon the crosses, and their extremities were nailed down with the great square spikes.. crosses raised in air, but before ..pierced so they might bleed to death, a scene of horror was paraded before them. The 900 surviving Jews were herded to a spot beneath the crosses... judges cried ‘That one’s of no use to us’ and swords would hack an old man or woman to death... 400 disposed off ... spotted any deformity ..swift swords would slash away both the arm and the head...appraise the women... only a few found worth saving and more than33 rejects were slain in a few minutes... children led before the slavers, and all under 8 were automatically killed...boy with a harelip, a girl with a limp...these were cut down at once.... 70 members of Y.’s family were led forth, and his 3 sons were cut down as their mother screamed in agony... wives slain... 11 grandchildren were take to the foot of Y.’s cross.. pierced by.. swords... 17 corpses were then tossed in a pile... soldiers with long lances.. pierce Y.’s belly and B.’s neck... He turned... to look... upon town... walls were coming down and in all quarters there was flame.”

- “ ...He (God) was... perfecting His first religion, Judaism, so it might stand as the permanent norm against which to judge all others. Whenever in the future some new religion strayed too far from the basic precepts of Judaism, God could be assured that it was in error... He spent as much time upon the old Jews as He did upon the new Christians.”

- “..each year several dozen thigh bones pertaining to St. Mary Magdalene were peddled to believers who carried them home to adorn small European churches, and the loss of this income could prostrate the town.”

- “They had ridiculed his Koran publicly, so ... 800 Jewish men.. were.. led to an open trench and beheaded one by one so their skulls and torsos pitched into the waiting grave."

- “ each opportunity his (her husbands brother’s) red-stained hands reached for her legs. ..cornered her when his own wife was absent... felt afraid to leave her ... room lest (he) molest her... praying for the swift return of her husband... he convinced himself she was hungry for his advances.... she’s alone and must want me to come to her... she wants to be loved... would be doing (her) a favor... she tried to push him away.. he pinioned her arms with his body, used one hand to cover her mouth... throw aside his.. robe.. he stood naked and furious before her... tear away her clothes... kicked and struggled.. her nearly nude he forced her to the floor.. and in a violent scene of tearing and brutality tried to force his massive way into her body...she felt his body stabbing at her and his animal like breath...kicking at him... scratching her nails across his face.. blow of fist he bruised her face and knocked her nearly unconscious.”

- The next two days were marked with terror. (He) stalked (her)... trapped her.. opened his robe.. naked and hungry for her.. (she) drew a brass knife.. (he) wrestled away the knife... [he thought it was a game for heightening “her wild responses to the sexual act”] ..struck her across chin... undresses her...threw her upon the floor.”

- “The Torah was filled with accounts of wild sexual behavior, for the patriarchs were men of lust and their women were worse, tricking and seducing...... seducing a man one day and charging him with rape the next.”

- “Kill the Jews! .. lancer ran her through.. toss her in the air... hung suspended.. descended sickeningly toward the street... trampled her to death....The Jews crucified Jesus Christ and God wants you to punish them. ... In that house a Jew lives! ...descended upon the house , killing, pillaging..... daughter, whom they ran through with 2 lances, throwing her far over their shoulders... evident that she was pregnant.... woman shrieked approvingly ‘With that one you caught two!’ ..and they (hacked) her to pieces.... 67 Jews [in the synagogue... Burn them all!.. gasping Jews tried to [get] free.. greeted with lances... back into the flames...Jewish women.. old ones they killed on the spot running them through with daggers. Younger ones they stripped naked and raped time after time in the town square, with all applauding. ...hacked of the.. heads. ...killing and maiming and defiling... blood on theri swords and tunics... two girls about 17... stood side by side until the rapists were upon them, then carefully slit each other’s throats.... 30,000 Jews were dead.. Crusade had been launched in blood.”

- “G. kept the young women he had picked up... as well as a prostitute..”

- “G. insisting that his two whores get full rations.”

- “...his decision left the women, the children... exposed to the Turks.. horses were lanced, old men were chopped by.. swords... women carefully inspected. Any who might bring (money0 in the slave markets.. shoved aside. The rest... slaughtered. Knives and hands ran red as heads were chopped off. The Countess... 5 Turkish soldiers used her as a target for their arrows. ... younger women,... stripped in the sunlight and raped repeatedly... daughter of Count V., was among them.... screams... as the Turks dragged her from man to man,..”

- “V. limped home...entered the house he found his wife wrestling with G., and her dress was mostly torn away, so that her body was exposed to the waist... (G.’s) arms encircling her grasping her breasts .... you’ve got to die soon. When you do I’ll take your wife... I’ll send your bastard back to Germany and if he doesn’t want to go I’ll strangle him. ..G. kissed the half naked woman on the neck. V. had only his crutch, but he lunged... G. while still holding T. by the breasts kicked at him... causing the leg stump to break into fresh bleeding.”

- “Inside were girls from many different lands, but... C. was the most expensive.. she led him to a room of.. delights... stayed with her for 3 days... finally left... his world was slowly falling apart... could find the vital reassurance he needed only in the primitive relationship of one man and one woman in bed. Night after night he drifted back...”

- “All who did not make their way into castle were methodically butchered... did not bother to save attractive young girls for harems; they raped them in the streets then slaughtered them. ... were then given the job of beheading all the corpses. The (catapults) were cranked up and one by one the heads were (lobbed) into the castle compound, where V.’s men saw the grinning, rolling faces of their friends,”

- “..the six fattest Jewish men were chosen, stripped down to a pair of thin underpants and driven barefoot to the starting line, where they took their places among the frowzy, boisterous whores. ..thousands (of spectators).. joy of seeing the fat Jews puffing nearly naked through the streets while the populace threw things at them... always a chance for the Christian women to get a fleeting glance at what the mysterious rite of circumcision did to a man. ...the Podi pants, with the penis popping in and out,.. she pulled Rabbi Z.’s robe apart, peeked at his trousers.. screamed I saw it! R. and her 3 daughters (Rabbi Z.’s family) ...kept their eyes on the ground, but a barefoot friar in charge of the Jews (said) they must look up.... race, 3 times around the plaza... one of the whores leaped forward.. pulled (his pants) down around his knees.. went tumbling across the stones, skinning his knees and exposing his nakedness...”

- Post race speech: “You swine, you pigs, you filth of the gutters.. you abominations, you unspeakable dogs.. With your.. noses you smell out the filth of the world ... lie in darkness and wallow in your own defecation. Your women are all whores..... It was a sermon being preached throughout the Christian world..”

- “..lashed his hands behind his back, fastened 20 pound weights to each ankle,.. rope attached to his wrists hauled him some 40 feet into the air... left him suspended... slowly pulled his shoulders from their sockets.... (cut) rope.. shattering halt which tore each of the major joints apart with maximum pain. his wrists, elbows and shoulders were mutilated.... pulled apart his ankles, his knees and his hips. .. At times they would shout and drop (him).. other times they would shout and not drop it... would drop it only a few inches. At other times there would be the sickening fall... hideous wrenching...table upon which he was laid had a small log.. back was severely strained and stomach drawn flat.. funnel placed in his mouth.. Huge draughts of water were poured...alternately strangled, choked and gulped...leaned hard upon X.’s distended stomach sudden movement of water throughout his internals almost killed him. ..(meshed cloth) placed in his mouth... Gulping, fighting for air, X. sucked the cloth into his throat.. must surely strangle, but at the end of the long agony the workmen suddenly jerked (it) from his throat, tearing away the membranes and bringing blood.... bloody cloth was again inserted in his mouth. 6 (more) jugs of water... hands pressed to his stomach, so that his lungs, his bowels and his heart seemed to explode... soles of feet smeared with a mixture of pepper, oil, menthol and cloves...well into his pores..(burning sticks) .. passed back and forth across his feet, causing horrible blisters and sending throughout his body pain of an absolute magnitude.” And then some more of each torture again.

-“.. for the Talmud taught that J., in order to trick her enemy, engaged with him in 7 acts of sexual intercourse, after which she drove a nail through his skull.”

- “ the Talmud: ‘..marital duty.. every day for those that are unemployed, twice a week for laborers, once a week for donkey (short distance) drivers, once every 30 days for camel (long distance) drivers, and once every 6 months for sailors...’ ”

- “..Englishmen who came here had enjoyed homosexual experiences. At school. In the army... look at the Arab of the desert, who had always been.. inclined, with fascination if not actual desire. If one were a practicing homosexual, what could be more alluring... than an affair with an Arab wearing a bedsheet? ... 2 camels riding to the oasis.”

- On Fairfax County Public Schools Summer 2000 Suggested Reading List For Rising Ninth and Tenth Graders


"The things they carried"

O'Brien, Tim
Penguin Books
Copyright 1990

- “..during the final (movie) scene, when he touched her knee, she turned and looked at him in a sad, sober way that made him pull his hand back, but he would always remember the feel of the tweed skirt and the knee beneath it and the sound of the gunfire that killed Bonnie and Clyde.... remembered kissing her good night ....should’ve carried her up the stairs to her room and tied her to the bed and touched her left knee all night long.”

- “...the poor bastard just flat-fuck fell. Boom down. Nothing else.”

- “...put his hand on the dead boy’s wrist... used Kiowa’s hunting hatchet to remove the thumb. ... S. wrapped the thumb in toilet paper and handed it across to N. there was no blood. Smiling he kicked the boy’s head, watched the flies scatter....”

- “Fuck off.”

- “..led his men into the village... burned everything. They shot chickens and dogs, they trashed the village well, they called in artillery and watched the wreckage, ...”

- “A pisser, you know? Still zipping himself up. Zapped while zipping. had to see it, the guy just - I heard .....So why not shut the fuck up?

- “.. No lie, I almost shit in my pants, and someone else would laugh, which meant it was bad, yes, but the guy had obviously not shit in his pants...”

- “.. almost cut me a new, asshole..”

- “greased they’d say. Offed, lit up, zapped while zipping.”

- “..remember a little boy with a plastic leg....(A. gave him chocolate) .. boy hopped away.. A. said War’s a bitch ... One leg, for Chrissake. Some poor fucker ran out of ammo.”

- “(Work was) removing blood clots from the necks of dead pigs. My job title .. was Declotter. After slaughter, the hogs were decapitated, split down the length of the belly, pried open, eviscerated, and strung up ...gravity too over ...fluids had mostly drained out, everything except for thick clots of blood in the neck and upper chest cavity. To remove the stuff, I used a kind of water gun. ... as the carcass passed by, you’d ... swing the gun up against the clots.. quick splattering sound as the clots dissolved into a fine red mist. standing ... under lukewarm blood-shower.”

- “... borrowed apistol ... and used it like a hammer to break his own nose. ... The man’s crazy.... I stole his fucking jackknife.”

- “Then they salute the fucker and walk away. ...”

- “ ..came across a baby VC water buffalo .......shot it through the front right knee.... took careful aim and shot off an ear. He shot it in the hindquarters and in the little hump at its back. He shot it twice in the flanks. It wasn’t to kill; it was to hurt. He put the muzzle up against the mouth and shot the mouth away. ...there wasn’t a great deal of pity for the baby water buffalo. .... for now it was a question of pain,\. he shot off the tail. he shot away chunks off meat below the ribs. .... R. went to automatic. He shot randomly, almost casually, quick little spurts in the belly...”

- “..pool some bucks and bring in a few mama-sans from Saigon...... Our own little EM club...... we pay our fuckin’ dues, don’t we?”

- “..E told him he’d best strap down his dick...”

- “ That fucker..”

- “At the girl’s throat was a necklace of human tongues. Elongated and narrow, like pieces of blackened leather, the tongues were threaded along a length of copper wire, one overlapping the next, the tips curled up as if caught in a final shrill syllable.”

- “His one eye was shut and the other was a star-shaped hole. .....hole was yellow and red. the yellow part seemed to be getting wider.... upper lip and gum were gone. The man’s head was cocked at the wrong angle, as if loose at the neck, and the neck was wet with blood.”

- “He knew shit. It was his specialty. the smell, in particular, but also the numerous varieties of texture and taste. Someday he’d .... tell the fuckers all about the wonderful shit he knew. Pass out samples, maybe.”

- “You start sometimes with an incident that truly happened, like the night in the shit field, ...he’d stare at guys who were still okay... start to picture how they’d look dead. Without arms or legs.... he couldn’t shut off the pictures.”

- “This whole war. ...You know what it is? Just one big banquet. Meat, man. You and me. Everybody. meat for the bugs.”

- “ D. went over and shook the (dead) old man’s hand. ....they sat the body up against a fence. they crossed his legs and talked to him. “The guest of honor,” M. said... they proposed toasts ...drank to the old man’s family and ancestors..”

- Author tells story of childhood friend that died when they were children: “ ...whispering her name, almost begging, trying to make her come back. ... I concentrated ...willed her alive.... saw her coming down the street all alone .. hair had grown back. the scars and stitches were gone.... (she) asked why I was so sad.... God, I said you’re dead...T. stop crying. It doesn’t matter."

- “..a VC nurse, fried by napalm, was a crispy critter. A Vietnamese baby, which lay nearby, was a roasted peanut. “Just a crunchie munchie,” R. said as he stepped over the body.”

- “There were 27 bodies altogether, and parts of several others. The dead were everywhere. Some lay in piles. Some lay alone. One, I remember seemed to kneel. Another was bent from the waist....the top of his head on the ground, his arms rigid, ...we carried the bodies down the mountain... we had lunch there, then a truck pulled up, and we worked in teams to load the truck. I remember swinging the bodies up. ...tossed the body high and watched it bounce and come to rest among the other bodies. ...they were all badly bloated. Their clothing was stretched tight like sausage skins, and when we picked them up, some made burping sounds as the gases were released. They were heavy. The smell was terrible. M. ... said .. Death sucks..”

- More on dead friend from childhood: “I invented my own dreams. .. I’d be dreaming it, and after a while Linda would show up, as I knew she would....She’d say amazing things ... “Once you’re alive you can’t ever be dead. ...Do I look dead? ...My dreams had become a secret meeting place ... couldn’t wait to fall asleep at night. I began going to bed earlier and earlier.... She was dead. I understood that. After all, I’d seen her body, and yet even as a 9 year old I had begun to practice the magic of stories. ...I’d slide into sleep knowing Linda would be there waiting for me. Once, ... we went skating ....Well, right now (she said) I’m not dead. But when I am, it’s like ... I don’t know, I guess it’s like being inside a book that nobody’s reading.....we held hands and skated almost all night... (now) I’m 43 years old, and a writer now, still dreaming Linda a live in exactly the same way...”

- In Fairfax County Public School Middle School Library System

- On Fairfax County Public Schools Summer 2000 Suggested Reading List For Rising Eleventh and Twelfth Graders

- A book review of a book by the same author extracted from internet:

Title: In the Lake of the Woods Author: Tim O'Brien

Publisher: Penguin Books, This paperback edition published in 1995

To what in the material do you object and what is the basis for your objection?

- Tone is RAGE: This is an incendiary book to place in a classroom where teens are grappling with the issue of school shootings and crimes committed by teenagers. It only feeds the fires of rage already burning, without offering assistance. (e.g. p. 5, 47)

- Themes of lack of truth, hope and meaning in life: For teenagers who are feeling hopeless and contemplating suicide, this book offers no answers and sends a deadly message: Life and choice are meaningless anyway, so go ahead and do it. (e.g. p. 30, 56, 65, 301)

- Distorted view of love and sex: In addition to an unhealthy relationship presented as love (e.g. p. 33) and ending in murder (e.g. p. 273 It is described in the book more than once.), the book abounds in sex - both ordinary and perverted (e.g. p. 59, 61, 71). Kathy and John develop a deviant sexual relationship right from its very beginning (p. 32). Vietnamese villagers are raped and sodomized in the midst of death. Readers are also given an extensive demonstration of the use of sexual vulgarities and insults. (e.g. p. 161)

- Fact and fiction confused: Even sophisticated, alert readers will struggle with the way O'Brien has deliberately blurred the distinction between fact and fiction. Because of this difficulty, the book is especially unsuitable for readers who are not already well acquainted with the subject of Vietnam. (See p 101, 146, 199, 298)


"Then Again, Maybe I Won't"

Blume, Judy
Dell Publishing
Paperback, 164 pages, large print
Copyright 1971

- Book cover/size/number of pages looks aimed at very young (mid-elementary school) reader

- Drinking/puking by main character

- wet dreams and erections

- spies on girl from his window at night

- “Big Joe knows plenty. He told me and Frankie about wet dreams.”

- “I know I shouldn’t think about what you have to do to get somebody pregnant. But sometimes I just can’t help it. He and Angie really do those things.”

- “…only he calls them nocturnal emissions. I’m not sure if I’ll ever have one. When I read Joel’s paperbacks I can feel myself get hard. But other times when I’m not even thinking about anything it goes up too…..I think that part of me has a mind of its own. Suppose it decides to go up……. And everybody notices….What will I do to get it down?”

- “…I dreamed about Lisa…I woke up…felt wet and my pajamas were sticky… maybe I had a wet dream…I thought a lot more stuff would come out… There was a damp spot on my sheet… does that stuff stain?”

- “ father handed me.. Basic facts About Sex…. There’s a whole section on wet dreams and another on masturbation.”

- In Fairfax County Public School Elementary and Middle School Library System

- 47th most challenged book between 1990 and 1992

- Judy Blume, author of numerous books for young children, is one of the most challenged authors, this title is just one of her books that have been frequently challenged. Adult content (age inappropriateness) and foul language are two common reasons. Many of her titles have been deemed inappropriate for younger students

-See for additional information/excerpts


”Things Fall Apart"

Achebe, Chinua

See for excerpts


”This Boy’s Life"

Wolff, Tobias

See for excerpts


"Thousand Pieces of Gold"

McCunn, Ruthanne Lum
Beacon Press
Paperback, 307 pages, large print
Copyright 1981

- “The child is eating food my mother needs. Let us kill the child….”

- “…his daughter is pretty……Just the right age to fetch a good price.”

- “…sparrow she had found last spring. Her father had told her death was certain and she should drown it... plunged the tiny creature into a basin of water.”

- “…head severed in a single blow. The head had rolled….splattering blood…..pierced it with a pole which he stabbed into the ground….mouth had hung open…matted with blood, swayed fitfully back and forth..”

- “He’s sitting in shit”………”I won’t eat shit.”

- "gave my wife to the rest of the men to use.”

- “You could be a common wife to them. My wife lasted a week.”

-“You stupid whore….If my men didn’t need a woman, I’d kill you. .. You could be a common wife to them. My wife lasted a week. But you’re tough. I’m sure you’d last a month.”

- “…father’s larger bulk heave, panting against her mother, who flattened against the bed, moaned, then issued the short sharp cry of a wounded bird. L scrambled up onto the bed, beating her fists against her father... mother.. ordered her back to her own bed. But he was hurting you L cried.. mother pushed her away. You’re too young to understand. ...not unlike the coupling.. between animals... it happened. in places called brothels. During bandit raids. Sometimes with soldiers.. had studied 2 dogs locked together. The male had mounted the female. She had quivered dreadfully, but she had not died. Did C’s wife die because there were 50 men, not 1? Then how did the women in the brothels survive? Surely they coupled with more than that.”

- “He fondled her breasts”

- “How about a taste of swans meat?…she felt a strange hardness swell and press against her thigh…Get off. And lose the chance to eat a virgin? … Get off her. My number is before yours…….by the time you get her she’ll be like a mushy old sweet potato, too much for someone like you with testicles the sized of a gnat.”

- “So long as the woman satisfies that muscle below their belt, they don’t care about..”

- “For……passage money…you have promised use of your bodies for prostitution.”

- “He blamed (her) for his lack of arousal… he thought he was in bed with a man.. Finally, his loins stirred weakly and he mounted her….in the stain of blood that proved his victory…” ”

- “…man she allowed herself to love? This man who did not seem to care he had to share her with another.”

- For a more information on Thousand Pieces of Gold Click Here

- In Fairfax County Public School Middle School Library System

- On Fairfax County Public Schools Summer 2000 Suggested Reading List For Rising Ninth and Tenth Graders


"A Time for Dancing"

Hurwin, Davida Wills
Little, Brown & Company
Hardback, 257 pages, fairly large print
Copyright 1995

- Two 17 year-old best friends tell their stories in alternating chapters after one is diagnosed with cancer. The book opens with one girl losing her boyfriend to another girl and than shortly after gets sick and is diagnosed with a rare, probably terminal cancer. The book ends when she dies.

- 21 uses of “shit/shithead/shitty/bullshit”, 8 uses of “bitch/bitching”, 4 uses of “fuck/fucked/fucking”, 8 uses of “asshole”, 3 uses of “goddamn”, 1 use of “tits”, 1 use of “dickface”

-“he’d been ‘dating’ my mom for almost 3 months and thought I didn’t know they were sleeping together.”

-“..what if I was a lesbian or something? What if I didn’t even want a boyfriend?”

-“..castration by manicure scissors... Mm, tasty. I’ll hold him down. You sure you have time? It’d take hours... He can’t be that big! How would you know?”

-“I sniffed the air in J’s direction... Definitely pot.”

-“high again. It’s getting to be his normal thing. ...after his dad died he was getting high a lot then, too. ..Actually, I did it once. what? You got high with him? Yeah. After his dad’s funeral.”

-“J and R were seeing exactly how far they could stick their tongues down each other’s throats... R was groping J’s butt.”

-“I took their phone numbers.. asked them to write a description of themselves on the back. ..she picked up 1 of the papers. ‘Intense blue eyes, not tall, but definitely built.’... Great bod-BIG HANDS is my favorite,.. You know what they say about the size of a guy’s hands..”

-“Who could I rage at because I was dying? Who could I blame? it wasn’t anyone’s fault. ...’God’ was the only thing big enough to take it on, and I didn’t believe in Him.”

-“..with my eyes wide open, with no question about being completely awake, I saw my almost scary-looking old man. He’d sat with me so many times in my Between Place. Now he was floating in front of me, and for the first time, I looked directly at him. ..He spoke and I heard him, without a word being uttered.. He held my hands without touching me, kissed my forehead without coming near. A wash of peacefulness and calm settled around me... I asked him my questions and they were answered. I nodded at him. He.. nodded back.”

-“..was the first time we tried drinking. It was the summer before 9th grade. we’d been sneaking alcohol from the places we baby-sat.. mixed together-bourbon, gin, vodka... held our noses, and drank the whole nasty thing.. the floor tipped and the rest of the dance was a blur of images and uncontrollable giggling.”

-last two pages: “There was no Jules anymore. ..The day of the funeral came... went to the beach house.. looked for seagulls dancing, but only one came. She sat and stared at me for the longest time. I stared right back. It wasn’t really a seagull- I knew that. It was Jules.. the funeral was beautiful.. everyone came,.. girl.. sang ‘Imagine’.. Imagine there’s no heaven, it’s easy if you try,... casket sat in front.. wasn’t Jules. Jules was at the ocean now, being a seagull.”

- In Fairfax County Public School Elementary and Middle School Library System

- On Fairfax County Public Schools Summer 2001 Suggested Reading List For Rising Ninth and Tenth Graders


"True to the Game"

Woods, Teri
Meow Meow Productions
257 pages
Copyright 1994

-Book is from the so-called “ghetto lit” genre, known for drugs, sex, violence, profanity, gangs, guns, prostitutes and murder. Book is about G, an 18-year old girl who is girlfriend of Q, a big cocaine and crack dealer. He is murdered near the end of the book but it has a “happy” ending - she finds and gets away with the stash of over 10 million dollars cash he made in 7 years of drug dealing. Excerpts below are only some of the controversial material in the book.

- “From only the first 9 pages of the story: “niggas.. shit.. fucking with niggas.. shit.. niggas.. shit turned her the fuck on… Bitch.. shit.. kilos of cocaine in the trunk.. fuck.. niggas.. could have sucked his dick right out there on 125th street.. motherfucker.. fuck.. niggas.. fuck.. fuck.. busy getting high.. motherfuckers.. generation sat back and said, Fuck it. I’m not gonna raise my kids.. Shit.. niggas.. spreading cocaine.. niggas.. wealthy drug dealers.. nigga.. dumped a tiny pile [of coke] between his thumb and pointer.. fed his nostrils.. licked his hand.. On the seat.. Uzi.. loaded.. bullets.. gunman.. aimed for the 4 guys [kills them all]… get the fuck away.. Uzi.. shit… fuck.. bitch.. her body made its way to the pavement with the force of J’s backhand.. bitch.. fucking each other.. Shit.. motherfucker..” Other constant explicit language in this book is not excerpted further due to its excessiveness.

- “Don’t you think we should get to know each other? Don’t you think you should wear a condom? ..He silenced her with a kiss.. struggles in vain; before she knew it he was inside her. Doesn’t it feel good? ..She.. think[s],You’re fucking a stranger.. But for fear he would get mad and take back all he’d bought her, she got in the groove.. he was asking her, Who’s pussy is this? And she answered, Yours. ..things changed. Now he was beating her in the middle of [the] Street. ..saw blood from where she fell in the bushes.. neighbors.. watching.. didn’t nobody help.”

- Smoking “spliffs”

- Elderly lady cooks 1/4 kilo of coke into crack for Q. He fills 2 large bags with rocks

- “..thinking about nothing but a spliff. he had carried weed right through customs..”

- “G laid next to Q thinking of.. all the men, every last 29 of them..”

- “W continued driving.. should he just throw [S] a couple of dollars now or fuck her first and then throw her a couple of dollars.. bullets came crashing through the steel, 1 hitting W in the shoulder. His body slumped.. Cadillac sped away.. slumped over the steering wheel, moaning,.. [S’s] hand.. covered in blood.. could feel ripples of blood drenched flesh.. she’d taken a hit too.. inside her head.. Everything was flashing in front of her.. moments.. replayed.. [she dies]”

- “K killed his father.. told you not to give K’s ass no gun. Motherfucker done killed his pops.. [K’s mom] had taken a many beating in her day from K’s father..”

- “..knew K was in the zone when he did it. ..knew how K got when he drank syrup.. had drank 2 ounces of yella and was trippin’.”

- “..driver pulled out a Uzi. ..gunshots.. R never even had a chance to see it coming.. lets get the money [R had in the car] for the brick.. 30 grand that would go to the police if they didn’t take it.. Pull up next to the Benz. ..reached under.. seats.. familiar shape; R’s gun. ..stuffing it in his.. pocket.. jumbo-sized, stainless steel 9-millimeter.. Where’s the money? .. There it was.. Flee this mother fucker.. was he alive? Hell no. ..dead. ..eyes were open and he was staring at me when I took his money.. guess what else? he belched. real loud.. got blood on me.. R’s brains were all over the car. ..the whole side of the boy’s head was gone… might have been still among the living.. way his beady eye balls looked at me..”

- “Q.. zipped up his pants.. C.. stood there in.. hotel room.. butt naked and angry.. Why did he bring her along?.. only.. in case things didn’t work out with G.. He had been messing with her for 3 months now and was bored with her. ..couldn’t find 1 reason to fuck with her.. pulled out a knot of 100’s peeling her off 10 of them.. threw it on the bed.. no intentions of returning to her.”

- “Linen, [G] was thinking.. brings out his.. dick.. he moved his hand up her thigh.. hand got to where it was aiming.. touch what would have been her panties.. to see if they were lace. ..Where’s your.. forgot to put them on.. he.. continued playing. G.. hoping that the tablecloth would hide their game from the rest of the patrons. ..stop, she pleaded, wet, ..he paid her no mind.. sat on the sand smoking a spliff.. wanted to throw you on that table and fuck the shit out of you.. his fingers found the split of silky, moistened flesh surrounded by velvet. .. took her to a secluded spot.. kissed her.. nipples.. Opening her legs, he.. slid his tongue along her inner thigh, back and forth.. found the tiny node that makes a woman.. proceeded to lick and suck on her.. Bucking and moaning.. Her final thrust left her.. unable to move.. rapture she thought she could only give herself.. Q, put it in me, she said.. never wanted a dick inside her so bad before.. J could only fuck.. this was lovemaking.. she felt him fitting inside her.. His dick was so big.. rhythm.. stroke.. spreading G’s body.. apart.. his hardness caressed.. sliding herself up and down.. he made.. effort not to discharge a drop while he watched her succumb to his passion.. her body spasmed. ..his movements.. more urgent.. arms.. under her buttocks.. in and out of her, faster and faster,.. she felt his pent-up fluid.. working its way through his shaft into her.. His body spasmed.. best pussy I have ever had.. he said.. The brothers.. did agree that all pussy was not the same” They walk back to hotel. “rubbing on her ass, lifting up her dress, and playing with her.. she thrust her entire body against him.. He wanted her to suck his dick. “

- G composes poem for Q: “..You’re long.. hard.. makes me wet.. You push my head lower I open my mouth Hours pass by, you pick up my face.. This pussy is yours and you’re gonna take it If I had said no, you know you would’ve raped it You flip it and turn it and throw it around Until you have me face down.. found you’re position, ass up in the air You get behind me and force it in there Pushing whatever is stopping your stroke You fuck me for hours.. You’re ready to nut.. we really did fuck”

- “..with all the weed she had smoked since then..”

- “..a safe. ..523 kilos of cocaine. he grabbed 15 bricks.. placed another.. in a shopping bag.. A assured Q there was $100,000 in the trunk.. 15 kilos of cocaine in the.. bag..”

- Elderly lady cooks more crack up for Q

- “..girl had pulled her pants down, exposing herself.. peeing in broad daylight.. She.. don’t give a fuck.. got to be high”

- “..what the fuck! ..hear a bunch of bullshit. I can’t even get my dick sucked because your too busy using your mouth to ask me stupid questions.. he.. needs some pussy, she thought..”

- “Q kissed her.. nipples.. touched her.. moan that escaped her lips. She made him hold still while she worked her knees to the floor. ..took him in her mouth and sucked, up and down, on the fleshy instrument God had provided him. ..prevent[ing] himself from exploding.. Q picked her up.. pinned her.. against wall. She was wet and so hot. ..He knew she.. would do the mailman if he wasn’t on his job. ..turned her around.. she faced the wall.. standing.. put his thing down. ..felt herself climaxing, she told him to come with her.. in the bathroom, he stood above her as she was sitting on the toilet.. seeing his dick pointed straight at her ear. ..he lifted her onto the.. counter. Wanting every inch of him inside her, she spread her legs open.. felt his body shudder, giving up the demon.. could she doubt him after a shot like that?”

- “I want my abortion money, or your bitch is gonna find out how her man spends his spare time.”

- “..pushing every motherfucker I know not to buy coke from me. You know how many bricks I can’t get rid of..”

- “..bitch ass girlfriends she got. ..I done fucked almost all of them.. only 1 I was really fucking.. was that V bitch.. who do you suppose was on my dick?.. been playing that bitch ever since.”

- “RG is.. Dead? Through the heart and through the head. Nigga said since he fucked his baby mom, he shot him through the dick too.”

- “..gonna end up hurt for fucking with somebody’s man. Shit.. Ain’t no dick worth having to deal with P. I don’t know how B even finds bitches crazy enough to fuck with him, ‘cause P don’t be bullshitting. ..bottles of champagne. B pulled out a spliff.. G wanted A and her see-through dress away from her man, far the fuck away”

- “I heard he got a nice shot, [she] whispered… wondering if his dick was as big as everyone made it out to be. I heard F eats the shit out of some pussy, too.. Would you fuck him?.. I would, thought T to herself.”

- “ pay ‘em enough, they’ll do anything… said R.. remembering the night he and 2 of his boys did her in a hotel room.”

- “..sound of gunfire.. People.. scrambling.. Screaming.. mad rush for the lower level.. R got hit.. don’t tell the police shit. B got hit, too.. bodies, lying under tables.. carnage.. 5 to 10 people lying dead in pools of blood.. looking at flesh parts covered in blood.. the parts of his body that no one ever saw, the organs.. were now outside of his body.. blown apart by the force of the infra-red glock .45..”

- “When.. slow dancing and felt their dick getting hard, she would just walk.. hated that.. brake ass nigga trying to get his groove on..”

- “He’d already flashed her tit to everybody on the dance floor. .girl was drunk.. got to go outside. I need some air. ..took her to his jeep. ..V was prone.. dizzy.. she closed her eyes.. didn’t feel F’s fingers, running along her thigh.. pushing her legs apart, getting her skirt out of the way.. big fat juicy dick sticking into the air. ..had his shit out, her panties down, his condom on and was ready to go to work. V was too far gone to put up a fight.. wasn’t really moving.. F.. couldn’t believe how easy it was. ..used to having to buy [stuff].. too fucking easy. ..He was pounding her little ass half to death. When.. done.. took a rag.. wiped himself. ..tried to get V up, but she just moaned. ..pulled her underwear up.. dress down.. went back to the party.”

- “Inside the hotel room, S and F was going at it. ..the $20,000 [she had been] offered for her trouble was worth it… in a hotel room with some stranger.. she unlocked [door]. ..Damn, you’re big. You look deformed. ..she didn’t want him fucking her. Think you can handle it? .. Talk now, cry later. ..he placed a gun and a condom on the table. ..Within.. minutes he had [her] mouth wrapped around his private part. ..had a thing about his penis in a woman’s mouth. He had to have it, and within minutes he was giving it to her. ..concentrated on neutralizing his high.. she was able to slip the gun.. neath the pillow, still stimulating enjoyment of [his] superior anatomy. ..he was high and she was on a mission. [He] was definitely the man you would want to get snowed in with.. Roll over, he whispered.. thinking of some sexual innovation..” 2 men then come into the room and kidnap him. “..want to live.. know you do.. since you’re laying up here in all this pussy. ..duct taped his hands behind his back then tied him to a chair naked and blindfolded him.. hope you didn’t catch no feelings for the nigga.. while he was runnin’ up in you.. takes more than a fuck, you know what I mean? she said.. Yo, just keep your mouth shut.. I don’t know shit. I don’t know a damn thing.”

- The kidnappers get a million dollars from others in his gang then: “You fucked up when you kidnapped me. ..not getting away with [it[.. Nigga, I already did. ..never gonna be over.. Kill me motherfucker.. Pussy, take that!.. shooting him in the right leg.. fuck you!.. fuck you, too.. another explosion tore his other leg.. screaming.. shot him again, getting his arm.. shot him again, in the arm.. Fuck you, F rasped.. shot again, getting him in the chest.. say your prayers, nigga.. put gun between his eyes and squeezed the trigger.. bullet.. grazed the side of his head.. dead [they thought].. lets get the fuck out of here.. come back tonight and take care of the body.. dump that nigga right in the Schuylkill River.. for a few hours.. hitting their regular customers.. [came back] 2 in the morning. yellow police tape.. Blood everywhere.. looked like a paint roller had made a trail from the basement. ..don’t fucking believe this. ..don’t fucking believe it.”

- Drug war shoot out as they are leaving club. Q and others die.

- “G.. missed.. Q.. way he would grab her.. tasting her, serving her his penis, which was one of a god, thick and fat with the perfect length.”

- F survived kidnapping and shooting but those who did it get off charges of kidnapping and attempted murder due to corrupt lawyer, system and lying “witness” alibi. F is paralyzed and in wheelchair for life. On way out of court kidnapper tells F, “See you in traffic, baby.”

- In “happy” ending G finds Q’s secret safe, pays locksmith to open it, gives him “large stack of fifties” for his effort, stuffs 13 pillowcases with cash [over 10 million] and book ends with her leaving town…

- Was in a Fairfax County, VA High School, now removed


"Twelve Days in August"

Ketchum Murrow, Liza

See for excerpts


"Uncle Vampire"

Grant, Cynthia D.
Random House
173 pages, large print
Copyright 1993

- The entire plot of the book focuses on the life of a high school girl who is being sexually abused by her Uncle. It is a short, easy to read book, with a title and cover art that would attract a child looking for a Goosebumps or Fear Street type horror book. The twist is that a young reader most likely would not even know until near the end of the book, that the girl’s uncle is not a vampire, but is instead sexually abusing her.

- page 1: Lets readers know the main character has a twin [Honey] who the parents always have liked better. “Sometimes the secret prickles at the corners of [Honey’s] mind, but [she] wipes it away; she wants to be happy... wants to have a perfect life.”

- “[our uncle T] is a vampire, I point out. ..word makes H flinch. Don’t say that. You know it’s true. He can’t help it ...don’t make excuses for him.. he’s not hurting you-- I can’t believe you’d say that!.. It’s not like he kills people, H said. No, he just drinks their blood.”

- “..found a magazine on [uncle T’s] bed, full of pictures of naked women. The ladies were pretty, although their faces looked strange--pained or pouting. [older sister] said men like these magazines, even our father. She’d seen a lot of playboys when she baby-sat..”

- “Sometimes.. at church.. I ask God: What did we do to deserve this? Why did you give us this cross to bear?.. why won’t you make one vampire uncle disappear?”

- “when darkness reaches for me and plucks me from my sleep and carries me out the window on his billowing black wings... never alone. God is with me. I pray silently so the monster cannot hear me. Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done [the monsters breath scorches my eyelids, my skin] on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive our trespasses as we forgive those [how can I, Lord?] who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil [deliver me, Lord! I’m dying],...”

- “Uncle T doesn’t show his fangs during the day. Vampire fear the light... night person... Forgive me, God, I have even thought of killing him... plunging a knife into his heart.. How.. could my Uncle be a vampire?... maybe if we told our parents, they’d call the police.. throw him out. Honey says no, we can’t tell them.”

- Brother depressed [because he know what is going on] and is on drugs: “Downers. Tranks. I thought you knew. Tranks?.. Tranquilizers. Even the teachers know.”

- “H [woke me up]. she was sobbing. What’s the matter? Is he here?.. reached under the pillow for my new knife... 4 inch blade is shiny and sharp... Our bedroom door opened. Uncle T stood in the doorway... [H apologizes for waking him up] that pissed me off. Why does she always apologize? That bastard haunts our dreams.”

- Uncle T yells at her:” I don’t know where your getting this vampire stuff, but it’s sick.... You’re making up all this shit in your mind. Why?”

- H driving car: “You’re doing fine Mr. R said. he sneaks looks at her legs when he thinks she won’t notice... makes her nervous, so she pretends to be unconscious of it... her legs are long and curvy. She’d deny it, but she likes people to notice her body.”

- Mom in the bathroom:” ..takes out.. vial of pills and shakes 1, no, 2 tablets in her palm... gulps them down... Why is Mama so afraid?”

- “he is with me. The door opens. My uncle sticks his head into the room... H sleeps through this as she has so many times. For a moment I see him thru her eyes: He’s nice. then his mask slides off... eyes bottomless, greedy. Get out I say.. I’ll kill you if you touch us... little knife, not fit for a vampire. have you gone nuts? What’s the matter with you? He steps inside my room and shuts the door. Your killing us. You’re drinking our blood... he talks and talks.. suffocating wings of his cape inflating... he doesn’t listen. the knife and the Bible fall from my hands. He’s not going to kill me... craves a fix.. addicted to my fear.. Lots of blood. Lots of hair, long and thick.. He loves to tangle his fingers in it, tightening his grip to hold me still... I am trapped.. wind shrieks in my ears. His teeth nibble delicately at my neck, tenderizing the flesh that he will tear... clasps my throat like the neck of a bottle and drinks and drinks and drinks.”

- “Goddamn thing. really pisses me off!”

- “Jesus Christ!”

- “Grab the knife beneath your pillow, it’s a butcher knife now, long and gleaming. Swing at the thing with all your might, chopping, hacking, slashing off an arm. Slash off the other arm. Blood pours out. But the thing keeps coming. Chasing you”

- “I can’t take it I said... I can’t live with a vampire anymore. Will you stop that shit? [H] said... Do you want to get locked up like mama did? he’s killing us... wake up... Have you taken a look at your neck lately?”

- “He never said he’d kill her! You’re a god-damned liar!”

- Finally talks [actually is writing answers] to someone at school about her problem: “Is there a problem in your family? Yes....... Who are you talking about?.. My Uncle... Does he live with you? Yes, I wrote. Down the hall. What’s his name?.... What do you and your sister call him? Uncle vampire... Why?... drinks our blood.. unrolled my turtleneck and pointed to fresh bruises on my throat... heard metal doors clanging. Voices were chanting the Lord’s Prayer, backward. The chanting got louder and louder.... Do your parents know?... Does he act like a vampire around your parents? No.. only with us. Your sister and you. Does he attack R [your brother] too?.. How long has your uncle been drinking your blood?.. stared at the marks on my neck.... A long time. ever since we were little. But now it’s worse. he takes too much. he’s killing us... I’m not saying your crazy... but you must tell me the truth..... your uncles not a vampire, is he? The chanting in my head is so loud... dark wings of his cape are across my mouth. No, I write. he’s not a vampire... I am so ashamed... it’s better to pretend. it’s better than what he is... Tell me the truth. What’s been happening?... I say: He fucks us.”

- “Our father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Don’t say His name. You are an evil child. God doesn’t love you anymore...... voices scream... ears bleeding... fallen through a hole in the bottom of darkness... Animals lunge at me, meat and teeth. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done--God can’t help you. You are such a dirty girl. You will burn in hell for the things you are saying, for the harm you have done your family... said he loved me, but he never did. He ate up my love and betrayed me... dying, but he kept me alive, and murdered me again and again and again. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil--.. voices in my head shouting: Kill her.. Grammy’s dead.. lying at my feet. My shoes are soaked with blood.”

- “You’re saying that your uncle sexually abused you and your sister... I nod... How long has this been going on?.... Forever. I don’t know. Since we were little... [will I] see that she despises me. Evil. Whore...... has he molested [your brother] too?... I don’t think he’s ever touched him. But [he] feels crazy because he can’t stop it,.... he’s ashamed of me... ashamed of himself... I thought your sister was away at school. Who? Margaret.... I’m talking about Honey. she’s scared we’re going to get in trouble... wants me to keep pretending.... Honey, she says, you don’t have another sister. I know, I say. That’s the other problem.”

- “Deep down, I always knew that he wasn’t a vampire... truth.. too awful to bear. He was a parasite, sucking the blood out of babies.. was a cannibal, feasting on his family.”

- “..I wake up crying in the night... I see a psychologist 3 times a week... uncle is in jail.. writes me letters that I won’t read telling me he’s sorry... believes that he didn’t hurt me... haven’t spoken to my parents in 2 weeks.. so angry at them.. first they acted sorry.. then they tried to convince me I was exaggerating... weren’t as bad as I’d imagined... when the cops came [they said] you don’t mean that... you don’t know what you’re saying.. therapy is hard... He didn’t molest me; he abused me.. molest sounds like something Chihuahuas do to your legs.... splinter must come out but it will hurt... floating in water, my hair was in the water... pulling at my hair. I’m scared. I’m drowning, he gathers me up, the lights go out... I’m also in group therapy, with a bunch of other kids... abused by their fathers, brothers, mother’s, strangers... vampires like my uncle are as common as termites... victims in the millions...”

- In Fairfax County Public School Elementary and Middle School Library System


"Violet & Claire"

Block, Francesca Lia

See for excerpts


"Weetzie Bat"

Block, Francesca Lia
Harper & Row
Approx. 88 pages
Copyright 1989

See for excerpts

See for excerpts

- In Fairfax County Public School Elementary and Middle School Library System

- Author of a number of gay theme/coming out books that have been challenged in a number of libraries and schools: Baby Be-Bop, Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys, I was a Teenage Fairy, Weetzie Bat, etc.


"Whale Talk"

Crutcher, Chris

- For parent donated information on this book Click Here


"What I Know Now"

Larson, Roger
Henry Holt and Co.
Approx. 262 pages
Copyright 1997

See for excerpts


"When I was Puerto Rican"

Santiago, Esmeralda
A Merloyd Lawrence book; Addison-Wesley
Approx. 300 pages
Copyright 1993

- "..when [she] bent over.. her breasts almost tumbled out of her blouse."

- "...always leaving her... only to come sniffing around her skirts... She's a slut who will spread her legs for anything in pants."

- "I didn't [see anything]...not going to show you mine until I do. ..seen both [baby brothers] penises.. never seen one outside the family.... I don't have to see your silly old chicken.. seen my brothers... nicer than yours.. Those are baby pollitos. I'm already big... has hair on it.. it gets so big it can already go into a woman.. get it into a woman and wiggle it around and around, like this. He wriggled his finger... wiggling his hips in figure 8's"

- "..can see it better if you squat.. better look at the smooth slit between my legs... I pulled up my panties.. There’s no hair on [your penis]... shriveled and small as my baby brother's.. have to rub it to make it big... It'll grow big and long... I'll touch you if you touch me.... It feels good.. rubbed his crotch as if he had an itch.. thrust his hips out... Oooh, its so good... mmmm.... closed his eyes and smacked his lips... writhing, his tongue flicking in and out of his mouth, foamy spit... eyes rolling... his hands moving faster and faster. Men are such pigs!.. lewd, ugly, humiliating smile.. tried to grab between my legs.. [I] kicked as hard as I could.. crumpled to ground, hands between his legs.."

- "A Kotex. What's that?... How old are you? 10.. hasn't told you about being a seniorita? She [said] I should stop playing with boys... keep my legs closed when I sit.. Do you know where babies come from?... how they're made?... I'd seen roosters... male dogs.. climb on top of the female, ride her while she tried to shake him off, and dig his narrow penis into her backside.. seen bulls ride cows, horses hump mares...Before you can make babies... you bleed once a month"

- "..couldn't get away from the stench... water [smelled] like human waste... used a lot of garlic...could still taste shit when I ate."

- " time I went for my [piano] lesson.. skirt made it possible to sit cross-legged w/o my panties showing.. So pretty... So nice [teacher said]... I sat as far away from him as possible.. He walked behind me, bent over... pushed my arms close to my ribcage, held them there.. hovered above me, his fingers on my elbows... breath fanned my hair as he bent closer.. [I] saw how the neckline on [my dress] puffed out for a clear view.... of the slight mounds, like egg yolks that had recently begun to ache on my chest.... Filthy old man! [I screamed]... I felt soiled, as if his gaze had branded my naked chest."

- "...stopping behind lockers to kiss and fondle each other... Another group of girls...took over the .. bathroom... dragged on cigarettes as they did their hair until the air was unbreathable.. chased me out with insults and rough shoves."

- "I didn't know what LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER meant after someone’s name...Sometimes abbreviated: SLICK L.A.M.F. ..I had heard the kids say 'shit' ..tried it at home... Mami yelled.."

- "..hear [them] arguing [if] a 30 year old woman with 7 children should encourage a man in his 20's.... What kind of example are you giving [your daughters]? F. came to visit every day. One day he came for dinner.. next morning he was still there. after that, he lived with us."

- "..truck pulled up.. [driver] waved at me.. dove his hand into his crotch.. pulled out what looked like a pale salami. I couldn’t take my eyes off it as his hand pumped rhythmically.. He.. was at it a long time and I lost interest, closed the.. blind.. after a while I was curious, so I went back...his hand now toyed around his crotch as if he’d lost something. He saw me and began rubbing again, a grimace on his face. I [knew] what happened if a boy was touched a certain way, but this man, touching himself and only coming to life if I watched, added a new dimension to my scanty knowledge of sex... fact that his penis had grown when I was looking meant something.... Men only want one thing... females gaze was enough to send them groping for their huevos.. Men only want one thing, and until then, I thought it was up to me to give it up. But that’s not the way it was. ..little girl leaning out window... fulfilled promises Marilyn Monroe made with her eyes... confusing as the rock and roll lyrics accompanying the trucker’s hand pumping up and down... What’s the matter [mom] ..asked. Why do you look so scared? Nothing I said.... had been all my fault ..went back, opened blinds.. watched openly... He was having a great time... I was having my first sexual experience... I smiled at him... smiling brazenly while inside I quaked in terror, and him, flustered... I wondered what I’d done, why he stuffed his now limp penis back in his pants, zipped himself... Whatever he’d wanted he didn’t want anymore.... I was certain it was because I’d been too willing to give it to him.”

- “C. was coming in from his night job to sleep on our couch. Show me and I’ll give you a quarter... Open your blouse.. let me see. I’ll pay you.... I won’t touch you. I just want to look.. He smacked his lips... The next day I was brushing my hair... noticed his eyes fixed on me.. as he passed behind me, [he] pinched my left nipple. Don’t tell anyone he mumbled into my ear. I collapsed on the bed, holding myself against the pain and humiliation, but I didn’t scream... he threw $1 at me.. I put [the father of our country] inside my history book. The next day.. I ate my first sundae with 3 kinds of ice cream..”

- For a more information on When I was Puerto Rican Click Here

- In Fairfax County Public School Middle School Library System

- On Fairfax County Public Schools Summer 2001 Suggested Reading List For Rising Eleventh and Twelfth Graders


" Where The Kissing Never Stops "

Koertge, Ron
217 pages, paperback
Copyright 1986

- Lead characters are teenage boys, obsessed with sex. After the recent death of his father, the main character’s mother takes a job in a “sleazy” nearby town as an “exotic dancer” and is very happy with it. He argues with his mother about her having a job where she takes off her clothes. Main character invites girlfriend into home for sex while his mother is at work. It is portrayed as a good thing.

- “I just got my ASVAB back from counseling. Guess where my aptitudes lie? …Is there a category for masturbation?”

- “I saw somebody’s breast in a pool once. ..Did it float? ..My dick floats. ..Was it pretty?… Her tit?…. It looked friendly bobbing in the water like that.”

- “I’d never seen a girl drool. I knew they went to the bathroom… but neither S nor I had ever heard one fart.”

- “Everyone knew it was okay for girls to want to make love and even to want to as much as boys.”

- “I was horny all the time…”

- “R and I necked……Of course, I wanted to do more, too, and my pal the ever-present erection was shouting at me to get down to business…. if I ever took her clothes off and made love to her it would not be today.”

- “I put my hand out and she shook it……..Then she squeezed…. I got a killer erection… all the blood in my body must have rushed to my shorts…[she left].. Then I ran to the bathroom and jerked off like mad.”

- “……I was still a virgin, so I felt like a picture of a man with a part missing.”

- “.. no wonder I didn’t want the kissing to stop, I wouldn’t know what to do next.. I was pretty sure girls wanted the guys to be in charge... how would I go about asking… where does this go?”

- “You touched her boobs? …I’ll probably be in medical school before I touch a real live knocker... Maybe I should just come right out and ask P if I could touch hers.”

- “What does a guy do with his first hard-on?.. Dad hands over a bunch of condoms and says Now you’re a man, son, because you’ve got this dandy tool.”

- “I sat in the bathtub.. experimented briefly with my pecker... it floated.”

- “I don’t think the doors had even slammed before R and I were kissing like there was no tomorrow… I kissed her shoulders and arms… neck and ears… the straps on her sundress.. R unbuttoned my shirt.. put her hand inside.. she started to make these random passes at my crotch.”

- “R came downstairs, sleepy and cute in low boots and jeans… I began to wonder if she slept in the nude.”

- “We made our way to the car.. We didn’t even fumble all over the place... clothes... just receded like the tide.. when I finally touched her it was so completely mysterious... It was wonderful... even though it was awkward in the car... Things kind of took me by surprise.. It’s pretty messy... You were so nice and it felt good... I guess we should get something so you won’t get pregnant.”

- “I tried to analyze what it felt like not to be a virgin anymore.”

- “What was it like?... Better than ice cream... it lasted about twenty seconds... it felt good… She was a virgin?.. I think so. ..Do it again as soon as possible. ..It’s all pattern-making and behavior modification. ..At your house... tell R you want to study together. ..Then make love for about an hour. ..Isn’t she going to suspect something when she comes in with her books and there I stand with a clock and a hard-on? ..Girls are mammals just like boys. ..Baby you’re a mammal just like me, then she’ll moan and tear off her clothes.”

- “Where to? …your friendly neighborhood prophylactic emporium.. My dad.. said I should always carry a couple. That way you can’t catch anything and no girl can make you marry her. ..No girl can make you marry her? It sounds so old-fashioned. Hasn’t he ever heard of abortion?”

- “I got you over here on false pretenses. ..I know. ..I brought prophylactics and everything. ..I brought... some kind of foam. ..My bedroom’s right down the hall. ..I’d turned the sheets down already. ...Do you want to use your condom? ...Isn’t the foam enough?... this is different than the car… the real thing... A real girl undressing in my bedroom. ...a ticking clock as I chased my penis.. it’s not fair.. a million boners I didn’t need and now... You’re nervous.. let me.. It was wonderful... I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.”

- “When P wanted us to make a snowflake she had us all lift one leg and point our toes, and her skirt and R’s slid down... there were their long legs and I got this really embarrassing erection... whoever heard of a snowflake with a boner.”

- “We headed for the oak... R. leaned to smooth the blanket she’d laid out... I like you with your shirt off. ..I like you with your shirt off, too. ..Should I?... I’m at my sexual peak, if I don’t say yes now, I have to go to a monastery. ..R said We sneaked into this sleazy theater... girls all had enormous breasts.. Do boys really like humongous ones? ...Guys are worried about having a little wiener. ...we didn’t make love, not that day... nice to only touch each other and kiss…”

- “...what’s it like to have a penis? ..It must be so weird to have this thing hanging off you. ..I feel that way about your breasts.. if I had a pair I’d always be touching them.”

- “I want to tell R the truth about my mom.. I want to go see the place she works... see her act.. then tell R... you need a drink... doesn’t your mom have some liquor? ...Just wine. ..don’t use a glass... just drink out of the bottle... pumping up your courage. ..we pulled into the parking lot.. a big, seedy roadhouse out in the middle of nowhere. An enormous neon woman towered over it. Every few seconds her neon gown disappeared and there were her neon breasts, capped tastefully with red bulbs that blinked furiously.”

- “There’s something else... my mom... is a stripper... a dancer, but she dances at some place called Ye Olde Burlesque, probably with her clothes off...”

- W goes to see his mom’s act (she removes layers of clothing and takes a bubble bath on stage) and decides he’s okay with it.

- In Fairfax County Public School Middle School Library System


"Whistle Me Home"

Wersba, Barbara
Henry Holt and Company, Inc.
Approx. 100 pages
Copyright 1997

- Book is about high school girl [N] who realizes her boyfriend is homosexual. She also has a drinking problem and was molested when younger.

-“..neither of them smoked dope anymore."

-“The rage she feels against her mother is so strong.. uses alcohol to suppress it. ..keeps a bottle... hidden in her closet, and sometimes raids the family liquor cabinet... sees nothing wrong with alcohol or grass, but T [her boyfriend].. is into.. no drugs or stimulants..”

-“ a Greek god.. gorgeous.. tiny little ass. ..I would strip for him. I would let him have me.”

-“People think [the teacher] is gay, but N thinks he is.. sexless. What did you read over the summer? he is asking the class.. hand shoots up... I read 20 issues of Penthouse. My father hides them in the basement.”

-“N takes a swig of the vodka... My fucking looks. ..Jesus.”

-“..mother creamed, “When are you ever going to wear a dress? When?... N.. replied, To your funeral.”

-“[Mother] put [my dog] to sleep without my fucking permission.”

-“..she is thinking about.. whether T will put his hand on her knee.. last time she went to the movies with a boy, he put his hand on her thigh and tried to feel her up... trying to get a cheap thrill.. boys-their unpredictable sexual needs, their hard-ons, their gropings.”

-“Before.. she had had some vodka-because she needed a boost.. would really like a vodka [now].. I have phony ID.. Sorry forgot you don’t drink. I used to drink myself senseless, he says... sure as hell drank a lot.. smoked grass everyday.”

-“..she wants to marry T... More important, she wants to sleep with him... very strange because T has not yet made love to her.. done nothing that could be called making out.”

- N tells T a secret she never told anyone: “..all the way through the 1st grade... this teenage guy.. fooled around with me... would get me on my way home from school.. I changed the route, he would catch me [anyway].. take me into a vacant lot. God says T, Did you have intercourse? No.. But he would make me...touch him and everything. And he would touch me.”

-T gets mad when N suggests they cross-dress for the Halloween party: “..look of rage comes over his face-pure murderous rage... Jesus.. shitty idea... She is stunned by [this], because he has.. stopped her from using 4-letter words.. not allowed to say fuck or prick or any of the other words she used to say so casually.”

-“they kiss for a while, but N can tell T is not aroused.. he seems to be dreaming a secret dream.. In the moonlight he looks like a god.”

-“..she has had some vodka.. certain no one can smell it, but [T does]”

-“..thing.. bothering her-hurting her.. is their lovemaking.. nothing has happened except kissing.. never put his hand under her shirt to feel her tiny breasts.. never once felt him have a hard-on... wants-so badly now-to lose her virginity to him..”

- Fighting with her mom: “What do you think we’re doing-having sex?.. even if we are it’s none of your business... pick fights with me every day of my.. What bullshit!... Jesus!”

-“..[In Greenwich village] they are stopped by a very weird young man.. My God, T. Is that you?.. [he] is wearing rhinestone earrings and eye shadow.. hair is bleached platinum blond. he has on men’s clothes-but women’s high heels.. [T says] I don’t know you. But sweetie, you do.. met at V’s party a year ago. Have you heard anything from him lately?.. I don’t know you T says.. takes N’s arm and starts off.. man follows them.. no need to be snotty he says.. Shove off says T. [The man says]: My God, we’re being high and mighty. But maybe you’re already occupied tonite, darling. Who’s the trick?.. T hauls off and punches him... young man staggers to his feet... You little shit!.. [T tells N]: I .. maybe met him once.. parents and I used to live down here... He’s a drag queen, a freak... he thought I was a guy [N says].. a young guy. God!”

-“T still kisses her.. hold hands.. but there is something impersonal about it... [other girls] envy her for having sex with T. But none of it is true.. something wrong with T, or her, or both of them.”

-“She has stopped shoplifting... trying very hard to drink less-or at least around T. But the vodka is such a comfort she cannot kick the habit.. alcohol eases the tension.. likes the way it feels going down her throat into her belly. warm and all-pervading, like an embrace.. had taken a shot of vodka in the morning [before school]..”

- T and N drink some vodka and lie down in front of the fire.. kissing her deeply for the first time.. seems like they are about to become lovers.. he is being rough about it. Without much delicacy he is pulling off her clothes-first her jeans... then her underwear.. kisses her tiny breasts and she shudders at the feel of her mouth.. takes off his clothes and lies naked beside her.. N is stunned by the beauty of his body.. [N] is afraid of nothing now... but he is not sexually aroused.. You’re gay aren’t you? she says to T. He begins to sob, weeping.. is her answer... Don’t hate me he says... Jesus, I wanted to change so much.. was born this way.. in therapy for a whole year... really hurts [my parents].. have you.. had lots of experience? she asks. He nods.. for a long time now I’ve been picking up guys and going home with them. Older guys, mostly. I’ve had a lot of sex with older guys.... started out with me just going to gay bars and dancing... pretty soon I was going home with them.. AIDS?.. I’m not stupid. I use condoms. What kind of sex did you have with these men? I don’t want to go into that... she explodes... No wonder we never made out... sickened you to touch me.. You chose me because I look like a boy!.. You dirty faggot.. rotten queer.. Go back to what you were before. Fuck men. Hundreds of men... he is gone... pours herself a drink.. gulps the vodka.. smashes the glass into the fireplace.”

-“..comes to school drunk.. put on report.. forced to take blood and urine tests.. is in trouble everywhere... drunk every day, which is a shock to her mother, who never knew she drank at all... steals from her mother’s purse.. hocks her CD player-in order to buy booze.”

-“..realizes he did know the weird guy who wore women’s high heels, and God knows who else... was probably making out the whole time he dated her.. tries to imagine the sex acts T does with men.. tries to visualize the details, but cannot. It seems so awful.. she has read somewhere that gay men like anonymous sex, so maybe that is what gives T pleasure..”

- She sees T with a boy: “..obvious T has a new twin.. knows that [they] are lovers.. have secrets nobody else can share.. secrets that bring them pleasure.. knows they have been naked together, and given sex to each other, and fallen asleep afterwards.. N spies on T and his new friend [through April].. no matter how ashamed she feels, she cannot stop following them... it is not anonymous sex N realizes, because the boys seem almost married to each other..”

-“..goes to the library.. takes out some books on homosexuality.. 3 of the books say homosexuality isn’t a choice. people are born that way, say the books, and there’s nothing they can do about it.”

-“..takes out a flash of vodka. It is only 8 in the morning, but she needs a drink.. vodka burns going down.. familiar warmth comes into her belly and she relaxes.. few more drinks..”

- N starts going to AA: “Without alcohol to warm her life, her mind is frozen, and she has turned into a corpse. Alcohol was warmth and color and excitement and instant love.. nothing to replace it..”

-“All the goddamn way to Florida.”

-“the love she feels for T goes on and on... cannot free herself.. They never made love, and yet she feels he has entered her body..”

-“they look beautiful together. Not just handsome, but-beautiful, 2 boys in torn blue jeans.. been a long time since N first realized they were lovers... She has sobered up... Jesus! [T] explodes. Can’t we just be friends?.. We were soul mates once, and almost lovers.. cannot switch gears and become friends.. know [you] would like me to meet [your boyfriend] and go out with the 2 of you.. become the female buddy of 2 gay boys.. cannot do this because I still love your body.. keep me in your mind like a beautiful dream - while you sleep with [your boyfriend].”

- In Fairfax County Public School Elementary and Middle School Library System

- For Additional excerpts see


”Who's In a Family?"

Skutch, Robert
Tricycle Press
Approx. 30 pages
Copyright 1995

See for excerpts

- In Fairfax County Public School Elementary School Library System


”Wide Sargasso Sea"

Rhys, Jean

See for excerpts


"Witch Baby"

Block, Francesca Lia
Harper Collins Children's Books
103 pages, large print
Copyright 1991

- Book cover/size/number of pages looks aimed at young (5-8th grade) reader

- One of series of books by author

- Coming out story of teenager from unusual family

- “I wish I could tell my mom about us” [he said to him], but she’ll never understand. I think we should wait till morning to go in.”

- “The next morning...... D. and D. hugged each other, surfed, took showers at the beach, put on clean clothes, slicked back their hair, hugged each other and drove to the Drake house.”

- “......Plus, I knew they’d never understand me liking guys.” “D. kissed a tear that had slid onto D.’s tan...shoulder and drew D. into his arms....”

- “That’s good,” she said. “That you like D. Because D. likes D.a lot too. They love each other more than anyone else in the the world. They even sleep in the same bed with their arms around each other!”

- “After you told me, I went to everyone--my acupuncturist, my crystal healer and my sand-tray therapist.”

- The homosexual relationship is only presented in a 100% positive and approving way. The mom of one of the homosexuals objects when hearing about his relationship - but with help from Witch Baby realizes that she was only upset because her “femininity felt threatened.”

- It is not known who is the father of Witch Baby’s sister. The book says that her mom wanted a baby and decided to have one. Nobody knows if the father is one of the two homosexuals or Secret Agent Lover Man, who is also Witch Baby’s father, but by another woman. Another book by this author in this series, Weetzie Bat has further detail on that. From Weetzie Bat : "Weetzie changed into her lace negligee from Trashy Lingerie and went into D and D's room and climbed into bed between D and D. And that was how Weetzie and D and D made the baby-well, at least that was how it began, and no one could be sure if that was really the night." The main character, Weetzie Bat in order to get pregnant has sex with her two homosexual housemates since her live-in boyfriend did not want a child. Since she is still having sex with her boyfriend nobody knows who the dad is.

- We’ll never be sure who her dad really is. Well, you know all that.”

- “Yes he is. He is my real dad but maybe not yours. You’ll never be sure who your real dad is!” C. began to cry. “My Secret Agent Lover Man and D. and D. are all my dads. None of them are your yours!” “My Secret Agent Lover Man is ,” said Witch Baby. You have three dads but it’s like not having any. Your a brat bath mat bat.” ....’ My secret Agent lover Man is Witch Baby’s real dad, but you get to live with your real dad and two other dads even if you aren’t sure which is which. Witch baby doesn’t even get to meet her real mom. Think what that must be like.”

- For a more information on Witch Baby Click Here

- In Fairfax County Public School Elementary and Middle School Library System

- Author of a number of gay theme/coming out books that have been challenged in a number of libraries and schools: Baby Be-Bop, Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys, I was a Teenage Fairy, Weetzie Bat, etc.


”Woman Warrior"

Kingston, Maxine

See for excerpts


"Zack’s Story"

Greenberg, Keith Elliot
Lerner Publications Co.
Approx. 32 pages
Copyright 1996

See for excerpts

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