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with the certainty he's facing Something that's working invisibly

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loss of consciousness ; double vision occurred in six cases, photophobia in six cases, in

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intensely caustic ; but, owing to the cold it produced,

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since it requires the combined action of all the mem-

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" disinfecting powder of Messrs. Corne «fe Demeaux "

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were once an integral part. We have preached philanthropy

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We have'here the third American edition of this useful and popular work.

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ported five cases of uterine fibroids so treated and stated

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mentioned. And I cannot help thinking that it must have existed in

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One word, gentlemen^ as to the curability of hepatic affections of this

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Autumn Assizes, 1836.) The following remarkable case' is quoted by Mr.

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swallow anything but li(|uids. This year a was

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•cannot, therefore, allow myself to be placed in such an unenviable position.

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was confirmed by the microscope. I have seen several instances where

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the sudden nattire and surrounding circumstances of the

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posterior basal meningitis, and had found Still's organism in eight of

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signs of cardiac lesions ; the variableness of the murmur, being sometimes

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chancre well-marked secondary manifestations were ob-

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Mood was distinctly felt at each pulsation of the heart. Pressure upon

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paroxysms of suffocation, the kind of rage which possesses the dying

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T---' - T-L :tl:r!:m occurs generally subsequent to, or in altematkii

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nostic points are sufficient for the differential diagnosis. These points, which

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arduous and previously unprecedented duty. On a previous

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that a very large part of the absorbed urobilin is excreted into the

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above. The manner in which this is to be done, and the iron tubes instead

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subject all persons over forty-five years of age to

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with those noted in connection with the prevailing type of

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of the alveolar air, and it was not illogical to suggest

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mouth and larynx, giving rise to obstruction of the nares, difficulty in

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R. L. Jump, a physician, has enjoyed generally good

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Lord Castkreagh " turning his back upon himself,' ' or "standing

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daily. The granulations promptly covered the exposed surfaces

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DESCRIPTION. INDERAL LA Is formulated to provide a sustained release of propranolol hydro-

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difficult operations was now guaranteed by micro-organisms were the cause of certain

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Gouley and Dr. Charles Phelps, of New York, Dr. J. C. Ken-

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HoLDEN, Luther, English surgeon, licensed 1838 (living). —