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the plain statement that he takes positions contrary to the
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"House Staff," there are one hundred and fifty nurses, and the
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It is three times as frequent in girls as in boys, and its course is
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anemia, melancholia, hysteria, epilepsy, etc., or else they are
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it out thoroughly, inserted drainage-tubes, and encased the limb in
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A short study of exalgine, with clinical notes of a few cases, is the subject
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tion, and trifling amusements the time slips away. In some persons — ■
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discussion. Here, at once, arises the matter of definition. For example,
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cocci, when injected into rabbits' ears, produced an inflammation identical
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recent case in his practice where such injury had been done to the mother as
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between 60 per cent, and 81 per cent., the tenth was pregnant,, the
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(a) The third and fourth sacral nerves supply visceral
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wound is healed. Direct galvanization of the nerve scar should be employed,
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no dementia; normal heart; never had rheumatism, or previously chorea.
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other undetermined bacteria. Further than this it must be
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information. Will you produce the information, doctor?"
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frequent appearance of a temporal pallor of one or both optic
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