“Alice Alone”



Alice and friends are beginning 9th grade


Alice gets Dad to agree to a co-ed overnight sleepover.


Her father is engaged to Sylvia Summers.  On page 5—Alice wonders if she and Dad have had sex.


Patrick and Alice break up after 2 years of dating.


Patrick starts dating Penny.


Pages 162-193:  Alice invites 3 women from “Community Connections for Female Offenders”—not knowing that they are ex-cons.  Two are shoplifters, 1 was a prostitute and drug addict.  Shirley tells how her mom got her into hooking, how she used to take boys up to her room after school to earn money, and then how she became hooked on drugs, herself.


Elizabeth reveals that she was sexually molested when she was 7 or 8 years old.  Page 204-213:  A family friend and Elizabeth start taking “secret nature walks.”  On the first one, (p. 206) he “was  leaning on me from behind, his arms around me, his face against mine. . . and he brought his hands up under my dress in front and then he slipped one hand down inside my pants and stroked me between my legs.”  The second time, (p. 208) “he asked me to stand very still and let him touch me.   I let him lift me up to stand on a rock or something, and he pressed against me from behind and put his fingers down my pants again, and then we went home and he thanked me for helping him not to feel so lonely anymore. . . And when I got home that day and went to the bathroom, I found that my shorts and shirt were wet and sticky in back and I changed them, and rinsed them out under the faucet.”  On p. 210, Elizabeth tells about the 3rd time she sees him.  He comes to their house--he and Elizabeth are downstairs together:  “Then he said it was too bad we couldn’t go for one of our secret walks, but did I want to see something secret?  And he took one of my hands and. . . and put it on his pants.  I could feel his penis underneath. . . and I pulled away from him and went upstairs to my room.”