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recognized and rightly understood leads on to manhood's purity.

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defect for remote and recent events was progressive and he grew more child-

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curring during diabetes mellitus must be, as a usual thing, treated

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bryologist. His theory cannot now be considered, and the treat-

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from the sincerely believed statement that vaccines should be

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if, because the minority did not agree, they were to turn and try to hinder the action of that

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that 80 per cent of all syphilitics who are properly treated during

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intense and more readily produced when the skin is warm and the

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his baggage has been infected such passenger is to be detained as

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work which can be favorably compared with that of Colonel Gorgas on the

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22. Dr. F. H. Shipman : That lie be licensed upon }>.isHing tlu- intt'iimuli.itt' .ukI tiiial

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ments for reciprocal medical registration. Such hostile countries as France and Germany

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an aged epileptic and the case of an elderly subject who had

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other things this will seemingly explain some of the "cures" of

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so far as they have any application in the treatment of disease

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A few of these papers are presented in this number to the

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velopment of the Mosaic law ; and that acquired diseases of all

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Master, were written a century ago. The chaotic state of what

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Notwithstanding these and other evidences of an awakening

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in their makeup that would give some light on the etiology and predis-

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tient can afford." Such a custom, even though it bring small fees, should

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five essayists were present and prepared to read their papers,

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to its virulence. We know that Bacillus Emulsion is dangerous if not used

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of liver; splenic congestion; gastro-enteritis ; moderate interstitial nephritis;

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fever run for four weeks, we are justified in claiming that the course of the

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nign growths of the breast frequently become malignant, and the

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always a few points of evidence that must decide every single case. In that evidence

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4. On the Laws of Dose and Cure. — Woodbury, B. C.

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usual way. The temperature before and after the operation was

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the treatment of fractures of the patella we have come to discard

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ered. If we could not get above the obstruction, the gangrene

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complete recovery in less time than the duration of the attack,

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tions in and around New York. This includes hospitals, day nurseries, san-

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We therefore reconnnend that the Council invite a conference of representatives from

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discredited by the blindness attributed to their use in a number

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application of every known test to discover actual conditions, of

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state board examinations as they affect the 42 largest medical colleges.

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day. On account of the intense desire for sweets it not infre-

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at Norwich (Connecticut) State Hospital made vacant by the resignation

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Perkins reported for the legislative committee a list of bills which had

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jority leant a little towards homoeopathy. Meantime, we by our readiness

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great scourge of the world. It was the first step in preventive

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vomiting immediately following- her excitement and gave us much

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two for the allopaths. — Neiv Eng. Med. Gaz., April, ipn.

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states that the first antiseptic operation of patella suturing was

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once had a case brought two hundred miles to New York for

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